Need an app to show cross-track error while navigating to waypoints along a line

“We are transitioning from Trimble to EOS Arrow GNSS units and looking for a navigation solution similar to Trimble Terrasync that enables navigation to waypoints along a line with cross-track error. Does iCMTGIS PRO provide this feature or something similar?”

iCMTGIS PRO provides a Point Stakeout function as well as a Line Stakeout function. It can help you navigate to a series of Point Features or along a Line or Area Feature.

You can create a Line Feature that joins the waypoints then use the Line Stakeout function to navigate along the Line Feature. The app will display the distance from the starting station as well as the perpendicular distance of your position to the Line Feature, i.e. the cross-track error.

The app will also let you specify a tolerance value for the cross-track error so it will issue beeps as long as you are within the tolerance from the target Line Feature or Area Feature.

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