Is the Create Deed Calls functionality available in a Windows version?

We have a windows software program called PC-GIS X that provides the ability to make a deed plot based on the deed calls. If the deed description is based on magnetic north, then it is necessary to enter into the Orientation field the magnetic declination at the property location.

6 Responses to Is the Create Deed Calls functionality available in a Windows version?

  1. Alan Clapp says:

    If I have a survey with metes and bounds, can I enter those calls and load as a base map for collecting points inside the property just using iCMTGIS pro with arrow 100 unit.

    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Alan,

      iCMTGIS PRO does provide the Create Deed Calls function for you to enter the angles and distances for the property boundary. It will also let you load a base map (*.tif, *.pim or *.bmp) or turn on the built-in Map as background. After entering the deed calls, you can save the shape as an Area Feature.

      Two things to note:

      1. You will need to know the coordinates of the point of beginning as well as your local magnetic declination (if the survey is based on magnetic north). You could use the GPS data collection function to record the position of the point of beginning. However, please see point 2 below.

      2. The accuracy of your work is determined by the Arrow 100, which claims 60 cm real-time accuracy. Is this good enough for your project?

  2. Alan Clapp says:

    Where would I get a built-in background map that has at minimum local tax property lines? I can get the deed calls from recorded deeds.

    60 cm accuracy would be fine.



  3. Alan Clapp says:

    Thank you. I can get the counties I work in only.

    Workflow question. Once I have the zip file on my cloud drive account, how do I load the base map on my iPhone in icmtgis pro? Is that via iTunes? Or is there a more direct way?

    Would export files and collected features work the same way? Or is there a more direct export?

    • cmtinc says:

      As your question may be of interest to other app users as well, we have posted the answer here:

      The Files App will let you copy files from iCloud to your device, but you will need to use another app to unzip a file on the iPhone.

      You can export the data in the selected Topics as Shapefiles to the Documents folder of your iCMTGIS PRO app then use iTunes to copy them to your PC. You could have the data exported to iCloud if you have selected Job(PMP)/Shapefiles) under Setup – iCloud. Remember to unmark this selection when you want to see the files in the local documents folder through iTunes.

      If you wish, you could also transfer files using ftp.

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