Where would I get a built-in background map that has at minimum local tax property lines?

Many states in the USA provide tax lot polygon maps on their website in the form of Shapefiles.

After you have downloaded the .zip file for the Shapefiles for your county, move it to your PC and unzip it to a folder on your PC. Use iTunes to copy the Shapefiles to the Documents folder of your iCMTGIS PRO, iCMTGIS III, iCMTGIS II, iGPSGIS II or Utility Data Collection app.

Then, you should be able to import the Shapefiles into a Job in your app. The data in the Shapefiles will become Feature Topics and Features in the Job, and you will be able to use them as background reference for doing GPS data collection.

2 Responses to Where would I get a built-in background map that has at minimum local tax property lines?

  1. Alan Clapp says:

    Thanks for this. I think I must have missed a step. I downloaded a zip of a county. Unzipped in iCloud. Imported into iCMTGIS pro. I added the shapefiles to job in the field but the parcel boundary did not show up in background. Collected points did show up. Any ideas?

    • cmtinc says:

      As a test we downloaded the caswell_parcels.zip file and unzipped it on a PC. Then we unzipped the files and used iTunes to copy the files containing “polY’ and ending in .shp, .shx, .prj and .dbf to iCMTGIS PRO. In iCMTGIS PRO we created a new Job and imported the Shapefiles named nc_caswekk_parcels_poly. They use the State Plane coordinate system. It took a while, but eventually all the 17745 polygons showed up in Map View and their Attributes showed up in Sheet View. Is it possible that your GPS Job is not in the same coordinate system as the land parcels file?

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