iGPSGIS II updated to Release 1.1.7

In this update, we shifted the positions for some app buttons so they won’t interfere with the little bar at the bottom of the screen that closes apps on the iPhone XS.


Forester GPS GIS II updated to 1.0.3

In this update, we added the following:

1. Automatically save the Job after user adds a new Feature.
2. Setup – Color/pattern
3. Setup – Data Collection
4. Setup – Navigation (includes the moving map option)

iCMTGIS PRO updated to version 1.1.0

iCMTGIS PRO 1.1.0 fixed the following two issues for the iPhone version:

1. Under Setup – GPS tapping the Datum tab produces a blank page.

2. On the Feature List screen for the active Feature, tapping the Attribute tab does not promptly display the Attribute page. One must first tap the screen once to get the Attributes displayed.