GIS Training Software

“I am interested in buying a GIS training CD. I plan to finish my degree online some time in the future but would like to have the ability to learn about GIS now on my personal laptop.”

Our GIS Training CD is outdated and can only run on XP PCs.

If you have an iPhone to use, it would make more sense to purchase our iGPSGIS II app for field data collection, and download our free PC-GIS DEMO software to view the collected data.

Please download the PDF copy of the iGPSGIS II manual, from which you can learn quite a bit about GIS. You can find the iGPSGIS II Manual under “Help Documents” on the right panel of this blog site.

GPS week rollover in 2019

It’s been 19.7 years since the last GPS week rollover took place in the year 1999. If you are still using an old GPS receiver for data collection, then after April 6, 2019 the GPS data will be recorded with a much earlier date. Newer GPS/GNSS use 13 bits instead of 10 bits to encode the GPS week value, and therefore will continue to work properly for a much longer time before the GPS week will be rolled back again.

According to EOS CTO Jean-yves Lauture, “GPS Week Number Rollovers have been accounted for and implemented in all Arrow firmware builds available from Eos since the creation of the Arrow Series™ product line.”

According to Donnay Fleury Nahimana, PhD, GNSS Development and Test Specialist, the SXblue devices of Geneq Inc. will continue to function properly after the 6th of April 2019 GPS rollover. The units are running GNSS firmware that accounts for the GPS rollovers on 13 bits since 1999.

According to John McLellan, C.H.ElF (Chief Helper Elf), Bad Elf, LLC, “I’ve been reassured by our engineers that rollover week is handled on all of our devices.” (4/7/19 update: We used our Bad Elf GPS-2200 to record a couple GPS points today. The date recorded is correct.”

According to the Dual Tech Support Team, “XGPS150 units that were manufactured before December 2011 will be affected by the rollover event. There will be a firmware version that will resolve this issue.” (4/6/19 update: We used our Dual XGPS-150A to record a couple GPS points today. The date recorded is correct.”

For Garmin aviation devices, please read the following article:

For Trimble GNSS units, please read:

Family sharing of iOS apps

“If I were to purchase iCMT GIS III, how many ipads with the same apple id could I put it on with the purchase?

It looks like the limit is 6:

Some GPS/GNSS receivers compatible with iPad and iPhone devices

Recently Geneq Inc. announced their new SXBlue Platinum GNSS receiver.

As you know, the accuracy of the work performed using an iOS GPS/GIS app depends on the GPS receiver used. The assisted GPS provided by the iOS devices are not adequate for serious work that are based on accurate locations. External GPS receivers with much better precision abound, but only a limited number of them are compatible with the iOS devices. Following are links to information on some of the external Bluetooth GPS/GNSS receivers that can work with iPad and iPhone devices. Not sureprisingly, higher precision equates to a higher price tag.

Things You Didn’t Know About GPS: By Calum McClelland

In this week’s newsletter from NGS CORS there is an article that you might find interesting to read. You can click on the following link:

and look for “NOAA-NOS-NGS-CORS Weekly Newsletter
Created On UTC Date: Tue Apr 18 20:19 2017”

In the Newsletter scroll down until you see “Things You Didn’t Know About GPS: By Calum McClelland”

GPS Reliability

By now you’ve probably learned that one should not rely entirely on GPS while traveling. Here’s a somber reminder.

iCMTGIS III for doing power/light poles inventory

“I am interested in the iGPSGIS however I don’t know much about GIS and I don’t want to spend money unless I know it will work for my application. I want to open a map out in the field and inventory power/light poles, and document their condition, type, height, color and take a picture, as well as get a X,Y,Z coordinate. I then need to save the file and provide it to a City via an ArcGIS layer file. Will your software allow for this? Is it easy? I tried a free trial of ArcGIS and it’s so hard that I can’t do anything. I hope your software can help. . . . How many data fields can I save for 1 point?”

It appears that you are looking for a GPS/GIS app to run on your iPhone.

Our iGPSGIS II app only runs on the iPhone; it does not run on the iPad. Our iCMTGIS III can run on the iPhone as well as the iPad. iCMTGIS III has many more functions than iGPSGIS II.

Both apps can let you log the X,Y,Z coordinates of power/light poles and document their conditions, type, height and color. Both apps can export the Feature data as Shapefiles for use in ArcGIS.

iCMTGIS III will let you take a picture and link it to a Feature, while iGPSGIS II does not provide that functionality. Also, iCMTGIS III will let you load a GeoTiff map to use as off-line background map.

I am attaching a copy of the Help documents for iGPSGIS II and iCMTGIS III so you can make a comparison. Many customers come to us because our software is easy to use.

As you can see, you can set up many fields in the Feature List to facilitate data collection.