Unable to turn on GPS using iCMTGIS PRO

“I have problems with turning on the gps. When I try to turn on the GPS appears a message ‘can’t find the external accessory’ I am using iCMTGIS PRO with arrow 100 as you can see all lights on arrow 100 are on, where is the problem?”

Please check the Bluetooth connection on your iPad.

(User reported that the problem was resolved.)

Screen background on iPhone XR

pull-down list screen background on iPhone XR

Pull-down List screen background on iPhone XR

“I can hardly read some of the menus as the background color is apparently not easy for me to read. See attached photo.”

This user was running iCMTGIS PRO on the iPhone XR, which provides Display Accessibility settings described in the document at this link: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207025

It turns out that the user had the Dark mode enabled. Turning off the Dark mode fixed the issue.

Ding sound in iCMTGIS PRO at 10 Hz

My tablets make a ding sound when the GPS is turned on and the cursor moves around. Not too bad when its 1Hz but at 10Hz its a constant buzz. Is there a way to turn of the sound?

Yes, you can turn off the Navigation Beep and/or the Featuring Beep under Setup – Navigation and GPS – Stakeout Setup.

Which app for entering Lat/Lon coordinates then walking the resulting boundary lines?

I have the app and I have 5 property corners in Lat/Lon form that I want to input to define the parcel. There aren’t any obvious instructions on how to use, so please let me know how to do this. I want to put those coordinates in so that I can then go walk the boundary lines that result.

Stakeout iCMT is the app to use if all you have are the LAT/LON coordinates of the property corners.

Deed Calls and Stakeout is for entering the deed calls from your property description to create the property boundary plot, which you can then walk by using the Line Stakeout function included with the app. If you don’t have the property description (bearings and distances as well as the magnetic declination), then please contact Apple App Store to see if they will let you swap out the app.

Please note that the accuracy of your work depends on the GPS receiver used.

Our apps come with a Help document under the Main Menu.

Deed plots and the drifting of the magnetic north pole

The Earth’s magnetic north pole has been drifting over time. During the last few decades, it has moved by an average of about 30 miles per year. This means that our compasses are pointing in a different direction as they did yeas ago. Therefore, the difference between truth north and magnetic north, what we call the magnetic declination, has been changing as well. Consequently, those of you who work with very old deed descriptions based on the magnetic north will need to take this into consideration.



Standard MAP only shows a grid

“… when I turned the system on, I no longer have the standard map as a background. I can get a satellite view but that is all. I checked and the position sharing is ON, and I have good wifi connection. … it was gone yesterday but back again today. When it was gone, all I had was checkerboard pattern (like graph paper), but still had my points and line.”

The Map data comes in via wi-fi, and will have an issue when there is a hiccup in wi-fi connection. Occasionally, there could be an issue with the Apple Map server or network. You could check into it by calling up the Apple Map app and see if it exhibits the same problem. If so, the issue will be automatically resolved sometime later.

GPS receivers with sub-meter real-time horizontal position accuracy

“I have purchased Stakeout iCMT Version1.0.4, installed on iPhone XR IOS13. Is it possible to get a gps receiver for iPhone that is accurate to a foot or two? or less?”

Listed below are a number of choices for iPhone-compatible sub-meter GPS/GNSS receivers:





Here is an article describing tests performed on a few Bluetooth GPS receivers.

Question about multiple deed plots

“I just need to take several Metes and bounds from multiple deeds and try and piece together the puzzle of the land I bought – 50 acres and a combo of 12 deeds – all based on mag north. Once I build the Metes and Bounds and it CLOSEs, can I redesignate the STARTING POINT based on the known good boundary point I find on one of the corners? or do I have to rebuild it all with initial point being my new starting point – aka I will likely find a good metal survey stake somewhere on the boundaries but not sure which one(s) they are yet.”

So long as all the deed calls belong to the same deed plot, the entire plot can be relocated when you edit the starting node. However, if you entered each portion as a separate deed plot, then each will have its own starting node.

Assuming that the 12 deeds are adjoining areas that make up the entire land property, you could first create the individual deed plots separately in Deed Calls Pro then move them to the actual locations later. Keep in mind that the translation motion is based on the initial point. Therefore, you will want to use the corner that corresponds to a surveyed point as the point of beginning in entering the first two deeds. After these two deed plots have been snapped to the surveyed points, then you could snap the other pieces to the corresponding node on the first two re-positioned deeds. You will need to plan ahead to choose the proper corner on the deeds so the deed plots will snap on the correct side (left, right, top, bottom) of another correctly positioned deed plot.

Do I need the Stakeout function to walk the boundary line of my property?

With the deed plot displayed, you can still walk along the lines by watching the GPS marker. In other words, you will need to guide yourself visually. Without the Stakeout function, the app will not tell you how far you are from your target, nor can it alert you when you are close to your target.

Unable to find Deed Calls Pro in App Store

“Hello – I tried to locate the DEED CALL PRO so I can add multiple deed call surveys on one screen – cant find the app on Apple store.”

Deed Calls Pro is listed on App Store.

Perhaps you were searching for it on your iPhone? Deed Calls Pro was designed for use on iPad devices only.

The App Store on iPhone only lists apps that run on the iPhone devices.

For your information, iCMTGIS III also provides the ability to create multiple deed call plots on one screen. This app will work on iPhones as well as iPad devices. It provides GPS data collection as well as Stakeout functions.

Deed Calls Pro does not provide the Stakeout function.

Device is not able to send email

“When attempting to export the KML files, the procedure works fine until we try to email the files to our respective email addresses. At this point, we receive a prompt, “Device is not able to send email.”

“Device is not able to send email.” is an error message from the iPad, not the app. If the iPad is able to send out emails to the recipient, then you should be able to email the KML files as well. Please check to see if you have added the recipient’s email address as contacts in your email server.

Is it possible to get the lat and long coordinates for each corner of a property from the Deed Calls & Stakeout app?

Deed Calls & Stakeout will only let you digitize the First Node. If you wish, you could select each corner as the First Node then view its coordinates. Remember to turn on the Snap to Node mode so that the exact node will be selected. Also remember to re-select the original node to serve as the correct point of beginning.

The Deed Calls Pro app provides the ability to digitize Points, Lines and Areas. It will also convert the deed plot to an Area Feature. Then you can use the Feature Properties function to view the coordinates of each node. You will also be able to add the XYZ coordinates as Topic Attributes and have them displayed in Sheet View as well as have the corners labeled with the coordinates, if you wish.

How to use a different node as the point of beginning for a deed plot?

“I have a question about closing a parcel in the IOS app Deed Calls and Stakeout. Is there any way to exclude a deed call from the enclosed area? The property description I’m working with starts with a distance from a section corner, thence another distance to a point of beginning. If I try to auto-close the area, the app includes the first two deed calls, and then the enclosed area looks like a square next to a triangle, where it should just be the square.”

The auto-close will always close back to the First Node. One thing you could do is to specify a different first node then remove a few unwanted calls.

Please first save your Job under a new name (such as test) so that you have a Job to experiment with while keeping your original Job intact.

Now, open the “test.dcf” job.

Tap the “Pick” button then tap the “Snap to node” icon at the top of the Pick Start Point screen. Then, tap on the actual point of beginning in the plot. Tap the Back button then write down the coordinates displayed for the First Node on the Feature Info page.

Select the Calls page. From the Call List, delete the first two calls and the last (closing) call.

Does the plot look correct now? Tap on the point of beginning and confirm that the coordinates are what you have written down previously.

Is it possible to change the registration of iCMTGIS PRO from one Apple ID to another?

Our apps are sold via the Apple App Store. Please contact the App Store about this issue.

I need a copy of the help document for iCMTGIS PRO in PDF format

We have placed a copy of the Help documents for our iOS apps at

If you are new to GPS/GIS data collection, please download iCMTGIS II Manual.pdf or iGPSGIS II Manual.pdf from the above site. These manuals provide an introduction to GPS/GIS data collection.

If you are using our PC mapping software on your computer, under the Help tab there is a Online Manual that you can refer to. You will also be able to download the PCGIS.pdf and PCGIS_05.pdf documents from the above link.

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