GPS Tracklog in iCMTGIS III

“During field visits the tracklog is not visible on the map. The tracklog has been activated, as well as the GPS. The symbology of the line is different from the background color. Is it possible that we are hanging a box that makes the tracklog invisible? How to keep track of your track at all times?”

Under Setup – Navigation, you can turn on the display of the trail. Trail length is limited to 1000. After 1000 seconds, the older GPS fixes will not be displayed, and the trail continues on with the new GPS fixes. The complete Tracklog will display when it has ended.


How to change the Topic Pattern in iCMTGIS PRO?

To change the symbol assignment for a Topic, first turn on Topic View. Then double-tap on the existing symbol displayed by the Topic name. The screen for selecting the symbol and color for the Topic will be displayed.

This procedure is the same for our apps that provide the Topic View.

Issue with Feature ID when combining job data

“it happens that two colleagues work on the same project at the same time on two application and two different tablets. When I save their project I give them different names eg MNAR-108_1 MNAR_108_2. When I view them both at the same time on PC-GIS the numbers of the features are changed. I understand that it avoids duplicates, but how can I assemble projects while keeping the original feature numbers?”

Assume that the two colleagues working on the same project at the same time on two different tablets collect Features using the same Feature Topic name. For example, Colleague A records the position of a point, and the Feature ID is Point001. Colleague B records a different point, and the Feature ID is Point001. If you combine their jobs in PC-GIS, the Feature ID of the points imported last will be changed to avoid duplicates. To keep the original Feature IDs when you combine jobs, the two sets of Feature IDs must be different. If there are fewer than 100 points that each colleague will be recording, then one way is to have Colleague A record points starting from Point001, and have Colleague B record points starting from Point100. (Colleague B can change the Point001 automatically presented by the app to Point100 when he/she collects the first point. Then the app will automatically present Point101 as the next Feature ID.)

Is iCMTGIS PRO app a one-time purchase?

“If we by the app, is it a one time buy? What happens if the account is lost with the employee? Can we transfer to a different iPad?”

The purchase of any of our apps is a one-time software license purchase. You will want to purchase it using your company’s Apple ID. Any iPad or iPhone using the same Apple ID can download the app to use.

Why is the Measure tool disabled during GPS data collection?

“The measure tool seems to be disabled while the GPS collect section is open. Why would that be? We are required to collect a point feature at most every 100m, so it’s convenient to use the measure tool while collecting data.”

Both the GPS data collection function and the Measure function make use of a temporary Topic to store temporary points. Having both functions active at the same time will create conflicts. Also, the Measure function in some of our apps permits the user to save the figure as a Feature, which might interfere with the Feature Topic for which the user is currently collecting data.

For collecting Point Features, there is an option to drop a point at a given distance interval. One possible workaround is to set the data collection to that mode and set the distance to be, say 95 m. After a point has been collected this way, user could highlight it then tap on the Feature Properties icon to “Update” the point coordinates by recording it with the proper session time. This Update window defaults to 20 seconds for the session time, regardless of the Feature List.

Need an app to show cross-track error while navigating to waypoints along a line

“We are transitioning from Trimble to EOS Arrow GNSS units and looking for a navigation solution similar to Trimble Terrasync that enables navigation to waypoints along a line with cross-track error. Does iCMTGIS PRO provide this feature or something similar?”

iCMTGIS PRO provides a Point Stakeout function as well as a Line Stakeout function. It can help you navigate to a series of Point Features or along a Line or Area Feature.

You can create a Line Feature that joins the waypoints then use the Line Stakeout function to navigate along the Line Feature. The app will display the distance from the starting station as well as the perpendicular distance of your position to the Line Feature, i.e. the cross-track error.

The app will also let you specify a tolerance value for the cross-track error so it will issue beeps as long as you are within the tolerance from the target Line Feature or Area Feature.

How to copy files from iCloud drive to iCMTGIS PRO

You can use the Files app to move files between iCloud drive and the iCMTGIS II/III/PRO, Forester GPS GIS II/III, Farming GPS GIS II/III or Utility Data Collection app. The Files app is available on iOS 11 or newer.

To make use of iCloud drive, first call up Settings on your device, tap on your account name then tap on iCloud.

Check to make sure that iCloud Drive is turned on.

Turn on the apps (such as iCMTGIS PRO) that you want to use with iCloud.

Now, tap on the icon for the Files app. You can choose to browse your iCloud Drive or On My <Device>. At either location, you can select the desired folder then tap on “Select” then select the desired file(s). When you tap the “folder” icon, you will have a choice of moving the selection to iCloud Drive or the On My <Device> location.

For details about using the Files app, please see the article at