Entering a Deed Call

“I have my property description with dms angles and I bought the deed calls app. I am having trouble figuring out how to use it. It looks like the description runs the opposite way the app lets me put in the calls.”

Before entering your property description, you would first set the Angle Unit to be DMS and the distance unit to be Survey Feet. Select “Bearing” for the angle system.

Did you enter the coordinates of the point of beginning? Please also enter the magnetic declination in the “Orientation” field.

When entering the deed calls, make sure to specify the correct bearing. If you entered E instead of W, that will cause the line to run in the opposite direction.


Illegal character in Shapefiles name

“I am using the iCMTGIS Pro. It’s a point feature. I’ve gone through and made a new Feature as a test and was able to export it just fine, but for some reason this specific feature/topic I created will not export. Is it possible there is a glitch in the feature I created?”

The app is being used in an archeology application. The offending Feature Topic name has a “/” character in it. When you export a Feature Topic to Shapefiles, the Shapefiles takes on the name of the Feature Topic, and “/” is not a valid character for Shapefiles name.

Changing the “/” character to “-” resolves the issue. An underscore character “_” is also permitted.

Question about Feature List setup in CMT iOS app

“What’s the Feature Lock function on the top right of the Feature Editor tab? You can check or uncheck that option and really not sure what is that about.”

When the “Feature Lock” check box is marked, you can only select from the Features defined in the Feature List. When unlocked, you can add a new Feature Topic on the fly to collect data for it.

How to turn off iPhone Predictive option

“Just got app and can’t use keyboard. Top line missing and real light. Won’t let me select. Does the app work? After just paying $15. Thanks. – Sent from my iPhone.”

We’ve addressed this issue previously, but lately we received a swarm of emails regarding using our iPhone apps with iOS 11.

Please turn off predictive text by touching and holding then tapping Predictive. You can also go to Settings – General – Keyboard – Predictive to turn it off.

If you tell us which app you got, we can send you the Help document in PDF.

When exporting Shapefiles in State Plane, no .prj created

For State Plane Texas coordinate system, please set the Datum to NAD27, NAD83, or NAD83_CORS96. Then you should get the .prj file exported along with the other files for the Shapefiles.

NAS83_CORS96 is identical to NAD83(2011) in our apps.

Stakeout iCMT or iCMTGIS III, which one to get for placing moorings?

“We intend to use the Arrow to place moorings in our mooring grid… I was looking at iCMTGIS PRO, but thinking that is much more than what we need. I rather start with the simpler program if it will give us what we need, experiment with your apps before purchasing the more expensive one, if it even would make a difference.”

This customer is using the Stakeout iCMT. It looks like he will need to switch to iCMTGIS III because of the following reasons:

1) He needs the ability to import point data in GPX format.

2) He needs to have coordinates displayed in decimal degrees rather than in DMS.

3) He needs to work in the “moving map” mode, in which the background map will be rotated so that the boat always points to the top and then a compass is pointing the direction you have to go.

4) He wants the mooring points to be labeled with their names on the map.

5) He does not require land surveying accuracy.

Besides, iCMTGIS III also provides the ability to record Points, Lines and Areas using GPS, as well as the ability to create the mooring grid points over an area. It will not only let you work with latitude and longitudes, but also with State Plane, UTM and user-defined coordinate systems.

How to create a rough area shape using Wetland – Stakeout

“Everything seems to be working well. I had a question about how to map a feature with the app. For example if I wanted to map a wetland boundary with a line or polygon(area), how would I do this? There does not seem to be a way that I can create a new line topic and record data for the line (for example every xxft. Or xx seconds). I am wondering if the wetland app can work in the same way to record spatial data as the iCMTGIS PRO app does? We have been using this app to collect data for projects with our GPS and it works great.”

Wetland – Stakeout app does not provide the GPS/GIS data collection function. If you just need a rough boundary of an area, there are two ways to create the Area Feature.

1. Turn on Map and digitize the Area Feature by using the “Add Area Manually” function after creating a new Area Topic.

2. Turn on GPS. Create a new Area Topic then select “Add Area Manually”. Walk around the area and tap the Pick GPS icon once every few seconds.

Also, you could use iCMTGIS PRO to map the area then export the Shapefiles. Then you can import the Shapefiles into Wetland – Stakeout.