Using NGS Geoid file (*.bin) with iCMTGIS PRO

“I am trying to get the app to work with the ‘g2012bu3.bin’ file that I uploaded. I put the ‘g2012bu3.bin’ file in the icmgis pro documents folder on my Ipad and restarted the app. Initially the app referenced the ‘g2012bu3.bin’ file, but after I uploaded a ‘.shp’ file with my data the app went back to using the ‘built_in geo’ file. What am I doing wrong?”

It turned out that the location of the Features in those particular Shapefiles was outside of the area covered by the loaded .bin file. The issue was resolved after the user uploaded the matching .bin file.


iCMTGIS PRO updated to release 1.0.7

iCMTGIS PRO Version 1.0.7 is now available for download from the Apple App Store. This release has the following changes:

1. Added RMS value to Built-in Attribute List so that it can be exported.

2. Fixed the bug of not creating the .prj file when exporting to Shapefiles from the NAD83(2011) coordinate system.

Charges on apps sold via the Apple App Store

“I bought this program and no longer need it and want to remove the future charge to my credit card, can you please respond with the procedure to do this.”

The software license for the Deed Calls & Stakeout app is a one-time purchase. Same with all of our other apps. There should be no future charge to your credit card for this app.

Our iOS apps are sold via the Apple App Store, and we do not deal with sales and payments. If you still have concerns, please contact the App Store.

App for verifying survey drawing and recording building corners

“I have a survey drawing of my property and my property has metal stakes at the corner. I would like to verify the survey drawing to the stakes. I also would like to identify where the corners of my home is located on my property. What would be the best software for these requirements?”

Our Deed Calls function will let you enter bearing and distance information from your survey drawing to generate a plot in the app. You will need to know the coordinates of the point of beginning in order to correctly place the plot on the map.

Our Stakeout functions will help you get to a point or node (where the stake is supposed to be).

These functions are provided in a few of our apps, such as Deed Calls & Stakeout, iCMTGIS III and iCMTGIS PRO.

iCMTGIS III and iCMTGIS PRO also provide GPS data collection functionality that will let you record the corners of your home or any other points, lines and areas.

The important issue is what compatible GPS receiver to use to meet the degree of accuracy that you need. The GPS on iOS devices are good to about 10 meters.

GIS-grade GPS like the Bad Elf GPS and the Dual XGPS-150A claim 2 – 5 meter accuracy. You could use a GIS-grade GPS and Deed Calls & Stakeout to roughly check the stake locations against the drawing.

Survey-grade GPS devices from EOS and Geneq are quite expensive. You might be able to rent an iSXBlue Platinum or an EOS Arrow from a supplier to use with iCMTGIS PRO for best accuracy in stakeout and recording GPS points.

How to include Latitude and Longitude for text file import

iCMTGIS III, iCMTGIS PRO, Utility Data Collection, Farming GPS GIS III and Forester GPS GIS III will let you import data into a Point Feature Topic via a text file. The text file can include latitude and longitude values. How these values should be presented in the text file depends on whether you have selected Degrees or the DMS format as the active angles unit in the app.

With the Degrees format, simply present the LAT LON values as decimal numbers. West is designated with a minus sign ( – ). For example:


With the DMS format, make sure the Degree unit is represented by ^, the Minute unit is represented by ‘ and the Second unit is represented by “. For example:

44^32’40.43″ N
123^06’50.65” W

To have these values interpreted as LAT LON coordinates, assign the field names “Latitude” and “Longitude”, respectively.

Generally, you can generate an Export Preview for a similar Point Topic to see how an import text file should be formatted for the options selected.

Where can I rent high-precision GPS receivers?

We are aware of a couple places that rent EOS Arrow and SXBlue Platinum GNSS receivers.

Is iCMTGIS PRO compatible with Bad Elf and SXBlue Platinum?

“I have iCMTGIS pro that I used with a EOS Arrow 100. Is the software also compatible with the Bad Elf and SXBlue bluetooth gps units. I have a mapping project that only requires meter accuracy and wanted to use the Bad Elf Surveyor.”

Yes, iCMTGIS PRO will work with any GPS unit that is compatible with the iOS devices, including Bad Elf and SXBlue Platinum Bluetooth GPS. With the “Enable External GPS” turned on, the app can get the GPS position data directly from the Bad Elf GPS or the SXBlue Platinum GPS.