Charges on apps sold via the Apple App Store

“I bought this program and no longer need it and want to remove the future charge to my credit card, can you please respond with the procedure to do this.”

The software license for the Deed Calls & Stakeout app is a one-time purchase. Same with all of our other apps. There should be no future charge to your credit card for this app.

Our iOS apps are sold via the Apple App Store, and we do not deal with sales and payments. If you still have concerns, please contact the App Store.


Exporting Shapefiles and DXF

“I am running iCMTGIS Pro, and trying to export to a shapefile into a folder, and copy that onto my pc. . . . I cannot drag and drop the folder from itunes to my pc (windows). . . I am trying to export everything to autocad, but I cannot use the dxf export due to it not saving the sub-attributes of my points/lines.”

1. In iTunes, please scroll down then click on the “Save To” button to save the selected file or folder to your PC.

2. When exporting to DXF, please mark the 3D and In Block options. After you select In Block, the “With Attribute” check box will be displayed. You can mark that check box to export the Attributes/Values to DXF.

What do I need to do to use, and collect, coordinates in decimal degrees as opposed to degrees minutes seconds?

In your iCMTGIS PRO app select Main Menu – Setup – Elevation and Angle. For Angle Unit select Degree.

Select the second icon from the left side of the Tool Bar at the top. This is the Topic Menu icon.

Select Edit Topic.

To see the coordinates displayed in Sheet View, add these two built-in Attribute fields: Position Y (latitude) and Position X (longitude).

In the Sheet Update screen, for Latitude and Longitude a default value will show in the Dec. Digits field when Field Type is Decimal. You will want to change it to 6.

Same with the Farming GPS GIS II/III, Forester GPS GIS II/III, Utility Data Collection and Wetland – Stakeout apps.

Will Stakeout iCMT use the external GPS?

“I am using an iPad. Does Stakeout use the gps in the iPad or can it get it directly from the Arrow?”

When an iOS compatible GPS receiver is turned on and connected to the iPad, it will automatically override the built-in GPS to update CoreLocation. When you toggle GPS on in an app like Stakeout iCMT, the app will grab the position data from CoreLocation. In other words, the app uses the Arrow GPS data indirectly.

Of the various CMT apps, only iCMTGIS PRO provides the ability to get the GPS data directly from the Arrow and the iSXBlue GNSS receivers. In the “Enable the External GPS” mode, iCMTGIS PRO will read the NMEA data directly from these GPS receivers.

Drop-down menu for soil textures in Wetland – Stakeout app

“I am attempting to customize parts of a report. In the soil profile table I would like to create a drop down menu for soil textures. I have been able to create the drop down menu. When I go back to “Enter Report Data” and select texture; a dash now appears after all of the textures I entered. I tried changing the text length to the longest texture, and that fixed the issue for just those. The dash still appears in the shorter texts. What’s the best way to format this so that I can have a drop down menu for soil textures?”

The “-” is a separator required for separating the Comment from the Indicator.

If you complete the Comment field and the Indicator field, then the “-” should disappear.

Can a report sheet be edited outside of Wetland – Stakeout?

“Can the report sheets only be edited within the app or can they be exported in a format that can then be edited on a computer?”

The exported PDF reports can be edited by using a PDF editor, such as the Adobe Acrobat.

If you wish to change the report form layout, you can use the Design Report function provided by the app. Please save the report form under a different name before starting to change it. In case something goes wrong, you will still have the original report form intact.

How to create a rough area shape using Wetland – Stakeout

“Everything seems to be working well. I had a question about how to map a feature with the app. For example if I wanted to map a wetland boundary with a line or polygon(area), how would I do this? There does not seem to be a way that I can create a new line topic and record data for the line (for example every xxft. Or xx seconds). I am wondering if the wetland app can work in the same way to record spatial data as the iCMTGIS PRO app does? We have been using this app to collect data for projects with our GPS and it works great.”

Wetland – Stakeout app does not provide the GPS/GIS data collection function. If you just need a rough boundary of an area, there are two ways to create the Area Feature.

1. Turn on Map and digitize the Area Feature by using the “Add Area Manually” function after creating a new Area Topic.

2. Turn on GPS. Create a new Area Topic then select “Add Area Manually”. Walk around the area and tap the Pick GPS icon once every few seconds.

Also, you could use iCMTGIS PRO to map the area then export the Shapefiles. Then you can import the Shapefiles into Wetland – Stakeout.