I want to know how many devices can be used with the same account

According to Apple, “You can have ten devices (no more than five of them computers) associated with your Apple ID and iTunes at one time.”

Please see:


Is Apple ID required to participate in testing TestFlight version?

From time to time we provide a beta-test version of an app through the Apple TestFlight program. The beta-test version serves two purposes. One is for a potential customer to check out the app’s functionality. The other is to have a bug fix tested before the next app release.

It used to be that Apple requires us to provide them with the tester’s Apple ID. Now they are willing to accept any email address that the tester uses on the device.

Currently there is a TestFlight version available for iCMTGIS PRO and Utility Data Collection. If you would like to try these apps out, please email support@cmtinc.com.

OK to upgrade to iOS 12.0?

“I just bought the IcmtGis Pro software today and I did install it on my Iphone 6s. I created new jobs and stored some points in it. When using the e-mail file functionality, I see only default jobs that were in the system but I do not see my newly created jobs. . . . I am running IOS 11.4.1 ready to upgrade to 12.0 but I did not want to screw things even more with the upgrade to 12.0 … Any suggestion on the fact that I should upgrade to 12.0 or I should not?”

It’s likely that you have the app set up to store data to iCloud. Please read the article at the following link.


It is all right to upgrade to iOS 12.

Rapid Test bug reported for the Wetland – Stakeout app

“I’ve recently become aware of a small issue with Hydrophytic Vegetation Indicators section of the data sheets. The formula for the Rapid Test for Hydrophytic Vegetation appears to be incorrect. It seems to be ‘checking’ yes for situations in which the Rapid Test criteria has not been met.”

Thank you for reporting this issue. Indeed there is a bug in the formula for the Rapid Test. We will fix it in the next release of the app.

Charges on apps sold via the Apple App Store

“I bought this program and no longer need it and want to remove the future charge to my credit card, can you please respond with the procedure to do this.”

The software license for the Deed Calls & Stakeout app is a one-time purchase. Same with all of our other apps. There should be no future charge to your credit card for this app.

Our iOS apps are sold via the Apple App Store, and we do not deal with sales and payments. If you still have concerns, please contact the App Store.

Exporting Shapefiles and DXF

“I am running iCMTGIS Pro, and trying to export to a shapefile into a folder, and copy that onto my pc. . . . I cannot drag and drop the folder from itunes to my pc (windows). . . I am trying to export everything to autocad, but I cannot use the dxf export due to it not saving the sub-attributes of my points/lines.”

1. In iTunes, please scroll down then click on the “Save To” button to save the selected file or folder to your PC.

2. When exporting to DXF, please mark the 3D and In Block options. After you select In Block, the “With Attribute” check box will be displayed. You can mark that check box to export the Attributes/Values to DXF.

What do I need to do to use, and collect, coordinates in decimal degrees as opposed to degrees minutes seconds?

In your iCMTGIS PRO app select Main Menu – Setup – Elevation and Angle. For Angle Unit select Degree.

Select the second icon from the left side of the Tool Bar at the top. This is the Topic Menu icon.

Select Edit Topic.

To see the coordinates displayed in Sheet View, add these two built-in Attribute fields: Position Y (latitude) and Position X (longitude).

In the Sheet Update screen, for Latitude and Longitude a default value will show in the Dec. Digits field when Field Type is Decimal. You will want to change it to 6.

Same with the Farming GPS GIS II/III, Forester GPS GIS II/III, Utility Data Collection and Wetland – Stakeout apps.