Registering Google Earth

“I’m having trouble with step 4, can you explain in a different way? I don’t quite understand it. Thanks.”

In a previous blog post we listed the steps to resolve the issue of connecting Google Earth with our PC-GIS mapping software.

Step 4 is to register the Google Earth program with your PC.

First, use the Search function on your PC to look for a file with this name:


In most cases, it will be located in this file folder on your PC:

c:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google Earth\client\

Now use a text editor such as Notepad to open a new file.

Type this line into the text box:

“c:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google Earth\client\googleearth.exe”

This is all one line without any breaks. You must enter it exactly as shown, including the quotation marks.

If the actual file path is

c:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth\client\googleearth.exe

then substitute this part in the above text line in Notepad.

Make a temporary folder on your PC, such as TEMP.

Save the above text file in this TEMP folder using a name that ends in .com, such as


To run this file, right-click on its name and select “Run as administrator”.

Custom Symbol Assignment in iCMTGIS PRO

“I have two clients using iCMTGIS Pro and they’re asking how to save custom feature symbols, colors and patterns in a feature list. For instance, how do you manage various patterns/colors for several area features, lines and points?”

In the Help document please select “Set up Feature List”.

Under “Editing a Feature List”, there is this instruction:
“Mark the Activate Pattern checkbox to see the Pattern column displayed in the Value section.” After marking the Activate Pattern checkbox,  you will be able to assign different symbols, colors and patterns to different types of Points, Lines and Areas on the active Topic layer.

After you have saved the Features List, you will be able to select that Feature List to use with a Job. You can do so in the Job Setup screen after selecting Job – Open Job.

If the clients are looking to create their own custom symbols, then they would need to use PC-GIS X to edit the symbols on one of the symbols pages (such as Forestry1, Forestry2 or Surveyor) then use iTunes to copy the corresponding symbols library file to the documents folder for iCMTGIS PRO. For example, for the point symbols, the file names corresponding to Forestry1, Forestry2 and Surveyor are cmtpnt01.lib, ctpnt02.lib and cmtpnt03.lib, respectively. Please note that these files are case sensitive in iCMTGIS PRO. Close the app by double-clicking the Home button of the iOS device. Then reopen the app to see the available new symbols.

User-defined projections

“. . . we would like to know by PC-GIS software possible to establish our Coordinate system (KTM Projection and GRS 1980 Datum) to use it in iCMTGIS Pro software?”

The KTM-KUDAMS projection for Kuwait is based on the Transverse Mercator projection. You can use the PC-GIS X software to create a user-defined coordinate system by entering the parameters for this projection. Then please copy the user_cor.sys file created by PC-GIS X to your iCMTGIS PRO documents folder. Then iCMTGIS PRO will let you select the user-defined coordinate system to use.

Hi Please can I have the demo password for PC-GIS DEMO?

To try the PC-GIS DEMO program, please log on to Select “Downloads and Updates” then click on the PC-GIS DEMO link. The password for downloading and installing the demo program is:



Please log onto your desk-top computer as the administrator with full rights, and make sure there are no firewalls or any antivirus or anti-spyware programs that may interfere with the software installation. Should the installation stall for any reason, please try installing the software in Windows SAFE mode.

Context Help is provided for most functions. Under the Help icon in the PC-GIS DEMO program is a full on-line manual.

We also have a CMT GIS Training software program that we provide along with the PC-GIS program that you purchase. This is a voice-based training program that guides you step by step to complete a map.

The DEMO program provides many active functions, and will let you import Shape files and job files created by iGPSGIS II or iCMTGIS II, but it will not let you export or save the data. Also, a purchase reminder window pops up from time to time on the PC. You can drag that window to the side to continue working.

If you wish to purchase the PC-GIS software, please contact and mention the name of your iOS app. PC-GIS 09 is compatible with iGPSGIS II and iCMTGIS II; PC-GIS X is compatible with iCMTGIS III, iCMTGIS PRO, Forester GPS GIS II/III, Farming GPSGIS II/III and Utility Data Collection.

Unable to connect to Google Earth from PC-GIS X

“For the past several weeks we have not been able to load google earth imagery in the software on the pc. It says failure to connect. Has something changed?”

Sometimes an automatic Windows update may change the registry on your PC. When Google Earth is not registered properly, our PC software will not be able to connect to it.

Please log into your PC as the administrator.
Click on the Windows icon and enter “cmd” in the Search box.
Run cmd.exe to open a Windows command prompt (a black screen).

At the command prompt type the path for the folder in which Google Earth is installed. For example, type

“c:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google Earth\client\googleearth.exe” /RegServer

then press the Enter key on your keyboard.

If your googleearth.exe is installed in a different folder, please enter that full path on the PC in the above line. Please do no omit any quotation marks. There is a space before /RegServer in the above line.

A user received an error message about not having administrative privilege to run this command line. If you get this error message, you could put the above line into a text file and save the text file as RegisterGoogle.cmd then right-click on this file and choose “Run ad administrator”.

Now run Google Earth then try using PC-GIS X to Launch Google Earth. If successful, zoom into the area of interest then capture the image.

User’s response: “That fixed it! I greatly appreciate your assistance.”

4/28/17 update:

This issue is due to conflicts between Windows and Google Earth/Google Earth Pro. Sometimes a silent update of either software causes the required registry to be messed up.  As Google Earth Pro doesn’t register itself to registry, you will need to first install (right-click and select “Run as Administrator) Google Earth then install Google Earth Pro

The following You Tube video shows how to run the “cmd” box in admin mode and to make sure you have admin authority on your computer.

I. Registering Google Earth

1. Uninstall Google Earth and Google Earth Pro from your PC

Select Control Panel.
Select Add or Remove Programs.
Find and select Google Earth.
Click Remove and then Yes and then Finish.

2. Make sure the registry has no traces of Google Earth or Google Earth Pro

* Please ask an experienced PC user to help you if you are not familiar with modifying the registry.

Go to Windows command mode and type in “regedit” to call up the registry editor. Click on “Edit” at the top and select “Find”. Enter “Google Earth” then press enter. This will
start a search for any registry key that has “Google Earth” in it. Right-click on each registry entry you see on the right-hand side and select Delete to delete the entry. Use
Windows Explorer and do a search of your primary drive for “Google Earth” or “Earth” and delete anything you find.

3. Download the Google Earth (not the Google Earth Pro) installer to C:\GoogleEarth

Temporarily disable all firewalls, antivirus and antispyware software.

Install Google Earth from that location by right-clicking on GoogleEarthSetup.exe and select “Run as administrator”.

If a Windows security warning window comes up, click on the link in that window and set the security level to the lowest.

4. Find the location of googleearth.exe on your  PC.

Prepare a text file containing the following line and rename it to Register-Google.cmd. Replace the file path in the line with the actual file path on your PC

“c:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google Earth\client\googleearth.exe” /RegServer

Right-click on this .cmd file and select “Run as administrator”.

5. Install Google Earth Pro if you wish to use that program. Always select “Run as administrator” by right-clicking the installer software.

6. re-enable your usual firewalls, antivirus and antispyware software.

You can download Google Earth Pro from Google:

If you are prompted for a license code, enter “GEPFREE”.

II. Capturing registered image from Google Earth or Google Earth Pro

1. Run Google Earth or Google Earth Pro.

2. In PC-GIS PRO select Utilities\Google Earth\Launch Google Earth.

3. In Google Earth or Google Earth Pro zoom into the area of interest. Make sure all 3D options are turned off as we can only capture a 2-dimensional image.

4. In PC-GIS PRO select Utilities\Google Earth\Capture Image.

5. Enter a name for the image file then click the Capture button.

(Depending on the PC’s operating system, you might only need to do above steps 4 and 5.)

Windows 7 issue – Program won’t run.

“I successfully downloaded and installed PC-GIS 09. However my Windows 7 PC will not execute the software program.”

This problem is due to the Windows 7 security setup. You can resolve it as follows:

First, uninstall PC-GIS 09 by using Windows – Control Panel – Programs – Uninstall Program.

Then right-click on PCGIS9WEB.exe and select “Run as administrator“. When Windows 7 informs you that PC-GIS is trying to make changes to the system and do you want to execute it, in that pop-up window there is a link to change the security level. Please change it to 0 (zero) then select Yes. The installation should go through and the program should run.

Same for installing PC-GIS X and our other PC application software programs.

Which app to get for mapping forested areas?

“Our main objective is to accurately calculate forested areas using a GPS receiver on iPhone and iPad. We will be driving an atv or truck around the individual areas. The areas will range from roughly 20 – 200 acres, and we are looking to be accurate to the one-hundredth of an acre.”

The GPS that comes with the iOS devices is not quite accurate. You could get a Dual XGPS-A or a Bad Elf GPS receiver and use it with our apps on your iOS devices. These Blue-tooth GPS receivers claim 2 – 5 meters horizontal distance accuracy.

We have a few apps that provide the GPS/GIS data collection functionality that you are looking for.

iCMTGIS II is for use on an Apple iPad with wi-fi capability. It is available from the App Store for $94.99 per license.

iGPSGIS II is for use on an Apple iPhone. It is available from the App Store for $44.99 per license.

iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II use the Apple Maps by default. These maps require wi-fi to be active in order to display in the app.

If you also purchase the optional PC-GIS 09 software for use on a PC, then you will be able to load geo-referenced .tif, .jpg, .sid., or .ecw files and convert them to the .pim format for use with iCMTGIS II or iGPSGIS II as background maps.

The feature data recorded with iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II can be loaded into PC-GIS 09 for further map enhancement/processing and print-out. PC-GIS 09 is listed at $385 per license, but we can offer you a discount if you purchase the iCMTGIS II or iGPSGIS II app. PC-GIS 09 is easy to use. Many foresters use it for managing their forest map files. If you don’t already have GIS software for your PC, this will be a good investment.

There is also an iCMTGIS III app that can run on both the iPad and the iPhone devices. It is listed at the App Store for $199.99. This app will let you load a GeoTiff as background map without the need for using PC-GIS to convert the map file. Besides the GPS/GIS data collection functions, this app also provides Stakeout functions that will help guide you to destination points or along the perimeter of an existing area. If you are interested in a GIS software program to use on your PC to work further with the data collected using iCMTGIS III, the matching software is the PC-GIS X (same price as PC-GIS 09).

All of the above-mentioned apps can import and export Shapefiles.

Our Forester GPS/GIS III and Farming GPS/GIS III also provide the GPS data collection and Stakeout functions, but these apps can only run on the iPad device.