iGPSGIS II for iPhone is a field data collection app that you can take anywhere to record the data that you need and tag it with spatial coordinates and other relevant information. It provides many functions to facilitate the data collection process. For example, it will let you pre-define a database of descriptions. This means that, during data collection, you can easily select the appropriate descriptions for the geographic features instead of having to type them in by hand. You can use this user-friendly and easy to learn app to efficiently record the GPS position and the associated information for the points, lines and areas of interest. The GPS position depends on the GPS receiver used. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life, but iGPSGIS II will let you easily toggle the GPS on or off.

Highlights of the iGPSGIS II Application Software:

  • Create Feature Lists to facilitate data collection
  • Create sampling grids
  • Display Apple Map as the background map
  • Import and Export Shapefiles
  • Collect multi-layer GPS/GIS data
  • Update the coordinates for Point Features
  • Create new points using angles and distances
  • Digitize points, lines and areas
  • Assign symbols and attributes to Features and Topics
  • View/Edit the collected data
  • View the area of an enclosed region
  • Measure distances on the displayed map
  • Send and receive job files via email
  • Store job data on the Cloud
  • Get and send job data via ftp

iGPSGIS II comes with a built-in help file.

iGPSGIS II is listed at $44.99 per license.

URL for iGPSGIS II app download:


iGPSGIS II is compatible with the CMT PC-GIS PRO software, which was rated Number One in the June 2005 issue of the Journal of Forestry for the level of functionality at an affordable price. PC-GIS PRO includes the Forester’s Toolkit. Foresters, farmers, wildlife specialists and other land and natural resource managers can customize the Toolkit for their specific applications.

You can use PC-GIS PRO 9 on your MacIntosh in PC mode to prepare background maps for use on the iGPSGIS. You can view and work with the data collected using the iGPSGIS. You can also use PC-GIS PRO 9 to geo-reference an Aerial Photo, do heads-up digitizing, link photo, video or voice recording to the features, manage supplemental data for the features, set up user-defined coordinate systems, split an area, create buffer zones around an area, print a completed map, save a map in PDF format, import/export data from/to Microsoft® Excel and Access files, or in ASCII, DXF, Shapefiles, and the native CMT PMP formats.

Education discount, dealer discount, quantity discount and OEM discount are available for the CMT Windows PC and Windows Mobile software products.

Visit http://www.cmtinc.com for additional information about the CMT GPS/GIS products.

11 Responses to iGPSGIS II

  1. Is there an iPad version of this app that utilizes the larger screen or this just for iPhone. Also, can you connect to an external GPS via bluetooth rather than the internal GPS?

    • cmtinc says:

      The iPad version of the GPS/GIS Data Collection app is called iCMTGIS II.
      If your iPAD is wifi only and does not come with GPS, you can connect it via Bluetooth to the Dual Universl GPS Receiver Model: XGPS150A.

  2. How accurate is the gps on an iphone 4 or ipad 2? And can this app export data in dxf format?

    • cmtinc says:

      The GPS on an iPhone4 or iPad is of consumer grade and do not provide high-accuracy position readings like survey-grade GPS devices. However the consumer-grade GPS devices that are sold separately, or the GPS built into some PDAs, the iPhone or the iPad, can be used for determining larger acreages. The accuracy provided by such GPS can range from 1 m to 20 m, depending on the device and the conditions under which the measurements are made. The iPhone and iPad GPS are generally on the less accurate end, but you can get external GPS devices to use with the iPhone or the iPad to obtain better accuracy. A number of consumer-grade GPS devices claim 1-3 m, or 3-5 m, accuracy. Some of them are compatible with the iPhone and iPad. There will soon be external GPS devices with sub-meter accuracy available for use with the iPad. Better accuracy comes with a higher price tag.

      Point position accuracy generally improves if you log a number of GPS fixes at one location then have the average value computed. Such functionality is provided by iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II.

      iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II export in Shapefile format, not DXF format. PC-GIS, Farming GPS GIS and Forester GPS GIS will export in DXF format.

      As we have received this question quite a few times in one form or another, we will put the reply in a blog post for all to see.

    • LanceAndre says:

      Bluetooth to the X20i from CHC Navigation and you can get repeatable 1 foot foot or even 1/2″ if you upgrade the X20i to RTK.

  3. Does anyone know if iGPSGIS II is sufficient to collect sub cm points using the EOS Arrow 200 assuming you are subscribing to a vrs network…Comparing the two I think that iCMTGOS PRO is way more GIS capability than we need. We are looking to collect horizontal and vertical on points (mostly) any input is appreciated.

    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Scott,

      iGPSGIS II supports iOS Core Location. Please ask the EOS Arrow 200 manufacturer if the GPS device is able to send sub cm position data to the iOS Core Location.

      iCMTGIS PRO can get the NMEA stream directly from the EOS Arrow 200. It also supports the iOS Core Location.

    • Thank you, I will check but I am pretty sure the iOS Core location is rounded by Apple, especially on the vertical. So it sounds like we need the iCMTGIS Pro suite. Next question we have rented are testing the EOS Arrow 200 from April 8 -15, is there a demo or trial version available for testing that might have either a timeout (7days) or limited capability, but still allow us to collect and test sub cm points from the NEMA stream on the EOS Arrow 200. Thanks.

    • cmtinc says:

      We had a TestFlight version that users could run for up to 30 days or up to the time the official software version is released, whichever comes first. However, at this time there is not one available.

      Eos Arrow receivers populate Core Location automatically upon Bluetooth connection. The horizontal coordinates will be accurate to cm resolution, but unfortunately, Apple has a decimeter resolution in the Core Location. To overcome this limitation, we had to work closely with Eos to directly support their iOS protocol and have direct access to the receiver and its full potential. According to EOS, both Horizontal and vertical are in the mm resolution along with the rms values and other parameters. We have
      implemented these high-accuracy features only in iCMTGIS PRO.

      In order to get cm-level accuracy, you will need to run Eos Tools Pro (free Eos NTrip client from the App Store) to connect to an RTK/VRS network. It will be running in the background. Simultaneously, iCMTGIS PRO will be communicating with the Arrow 200 to receive its accurate position and metadata on the same Bluetooth link.

  4. Calum bell says:

    Does the igpsgis ii app collect acreage data of a field by driving round or how do you collect that data?

    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Calum,

      You can use iGPSGIS II to record the Area Feature for the field by driving or walking around it.

      If you can see your field in the displayed Map, you could also tap or draw around the field to digitize it (i.e. turn it into an Area Feature).

      The app will display the acreage for the Area Feature that you have created.

      We are sending a copy of the Help document for this app to you via email.

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