Importing a DXF file into iCMTGIS PRO

“Hi I am having trouble loading a file into the unit. . . . My error says that it is required to be in LLA, but I would rather use New York East State Plane. Do I have to convert? If so, how?”

This problem is most likely due to the datum and coordinate system used. Please set up the datum, coordinate system, and distance unit in iCMTGIS PRO to match those used for creating the DXF file then load the DXF file.

If your DXF file was created in LLA, then please set iCMTGIS PRO to WGS84 and LLA. If your DXF refers to a newer WGS84 realization, then select that one.

Load the DXF in iCMTGIS PRO then change the coordinate system to NAD83_CORS96/CSRS98 and State Plane and select New York East State Plane.

The above instruction also applies to other CMTINC apps that provide the DXF import functionality.

Automatically populate Indicator field in Wetland – Stakeout app

“I am still trying to work to find an easy way to add or update PLIST to automatically popup with the associated wetland indicator.”

Many users want the ability to have the wetland indicator field automatically filled in when they select a species name in the wetland data entry form. To save users the trouble of modifying the data entry form for the Indicator fields, we plan to build the formula into the Indicator fields and also add a default PLIST spreadsheet at the end of the form. This way, the user will just need to populate the PLIST with the species-indicator list that they normally work with in the job area. Please look for this new feature in a future update, which will take some time to implement.

After the last app update, the text file export contains LLA instead of XYZ coordinates.

“I have your full license for ICMT Pro but after the latest update when I take my readings with the Arrow Gold and I sent the text file to me it is in coordinates and not decimal, i need the decimal format to use this data within Pix4D.”

Internally the app saves the position data in WGS84(1150) datum and LLA coordinate system. Your coordinate system settings determine how data is presented in Map View and Sheet View.

Please add the built-in Position_X, Position_Y and Elev_Z Attributes to your Point Topic by using Edit on the Topic menu. After switching to UTM, you should see X,Y,Z values in Sheet View, which you can export to a text file.

As mentioned in our 8/16/16 and 9/19/16 blog posts, you can save the app’s configuration file before an app update then restore the configuration afterwards. The configuration file name for iCMTGIS PRO is cmtgispro.cfg.

GPS Position Averaging

“I use your Wetland Stakeout app with an Arrow GNSS receiver connected to an IPAD. Is there a way to collect features using position averaging with that app? If no, what APPS do you have that allow for position averaging?”

We have a few apps that provide GPS/GIS data collection functionality with position averaging:

For iPhone only: iGPSGIS II

For iPad only: iCMTGIS II, Utility Data Collection, Farming GPS GIS II/III, Forester GPS GIS II/III

For iPad and iPhone: iCMTGIS III, iCMTGIS PRO

Please let us know what other functionality you are looking for besides point averaging so we might help you identify the app to use. For example, will you want to be able to load a GeoTiff background map in the app? Will you need to export the data as a text file, or just in Shapefiles format? Will you be using a high-precision GPS receiver, such as an EOS Arrow or an iSXBlue II? Or, is a 2 – 5 m position accuracy good enough?

How to turn on Location Service

“I am experiencing some problems with my iCMTGIS PRO app. In order to successfully use the app it needs to have location services allowed while using the app. However when I open the app it doesn’t give the option to allow location services to have the location while I’m using the app. Could you help me out with this problem please.”

Location Service is provided by Apple. You can enable it under Settings on your device.

Settings -> Privacy -> Location Service

How to add the elevation attribute to Sheet View in iCMTGIS PRO

Displaying MSL in Sheet View

A customer in Canada wants to know how he can easily view the elevation values for the points he has recorded using iCMTGIS PRO. Ha has been calling up the Feature Properties screen for each Point Feature to look at the coordinates.

Here is our reply:

Please select one of your Point Topics.
Then tap on the Topic Menu and select Edit Topic.
Tap on the Add button and select the Elev_Z_m built-in Attribute.
Tap on OK.
Now when you turn on Sheet View, you will see the elevation for all the points in the Point Topic.

Similarly, you could add the X and Y Attributes to the Topic structure and have the X and Y values displayed for each Point Feature in Sheet View.

How to delete a page from a Wetland data form in the Wetland – Stakeout app

“On the last sheet of the wetland data forums, a sheet pops up called REPORT DOCUMENT PAGE. I do not want that there and is there an easy way to remove that?”

In the Design Report mode you can scroll to the last page then tap the Add button. You will see the option to add a new page as well as the option to delete a page from the report form.