PC-GIS DEMO download

To make the most of the iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II software for your application, you will want to get the PC-GIS PRO desk-top mapping software. We suggest that you try the PC-GIS DEMO (restricted) software before purchasing the full-functioning PC-GIS software.

To do so, first log on to www.cmtinc.com.

Select “Downloads and Updates” then click on the PC-GIS DEMO link.

The password for downloading and installing the demo program is: 



Context Help is provided for most functions. Under the Help button in the PC-GIS DEMO program is a full on-line manual.

The DEMO program provides many active functions but some functions are disabled. For example, it will not let you export or save the data, and it will not convert background maps for use on the iCMTGIS. Also, a purchase reminder window pops up from time to time. Please drag that window to the side to continue working.

3. You can purchase PC-GIS PRO if you like the DEMO software. We will provide a CMT GIS Training software along with the PC-GIS PRO software that you purchase. 

Thank you for your interest in the CMT products. We welcome your comments about our software.


2 Responses to PC-GIS DEMO download

  1. Cory Brandenburg says:

    I would like to speak to a person about these products. I would like to try a demo version for my IPAD but I do not see a trial version on the App store.

    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Cory,

      The TestFlight version is not available on the App store. Apple requires us to obtain a written request from the party interested in trying the TestFlight version. Please see our email reply to you regarding this matter.

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