Any Android apps?

An SXBlue dealer wrote:”I am a MAC user, but really prefer Android as a mobile OS. Got a lot more Android interest in the last 12 months than I do iOS interest.”

Yes, we have also received many inquiries about Android apps. However, at this time we do not have plans to develop apps on yet another platform. Currently, we have software for Windows, Windows Mobile/ Embedded Handheld 6.5 and iOS.


Interested in forestry app for Android

“I have just discovered your gps and gis programs. They seem to be exactly what I have been looking for. Unfortunately, I am an android user. I read that you would create android app when you get sufficient requests, so I am officially requesting android versions of your apps. I am particularly interested in your forestry app.”
Thank you for contacting us. We now have five votes for creating an android app. 🙂

With respect to forestry-related apps for iOS devices, we have the Forester GPS GIS, the Cruise Angle iCMT angle gauge app, the Stakeout iCMT app, and the Grid –
Distance – Area app. The iGPS GIS II, iCMTGIS II, and Utility Data Collection apps could be used for mapping the timber stands and recording the timber cruising data into the Sheet View. And because of its enhanced Feature List functionality, the Utility Data Collection app will let you select from a predefined data list (such as a list of tree species or grades) even for digitized points. But these are not dedicated timber cruising apps.

We have powerful timber cruising software for PCs and Windows Mobile 6 PDAs. In the future we may develop a simpler version for the iOS devices. Currently we are
working on an app for use in timber logging.

Do you have any plans to make an android version of iGPSGIS?

iGPSGIS has a subset of the functions provided by the CMT Field CE GIS, which runs on Windows Mobile PDAs.

We are waiting to see how well iGPSGIS is received by the iOS users before considering making a version for yet another platform.

Please comment on what you like about the iGPSGIS, and what additional functionality you would like it to have to facilitate your data collection tasks. Thank you.