Is Apple ID required to participate in testing TestFlight version?

From time to time we provide a beta-test version of an app through the Apple TestFlight program. The beta-test version serves two purposes. One is for a potential customer to check out the app’s functionality. The other is to have a bug fix tested before the next app release.

It used to be that Apple requires us to provide them with the tester’s Apple ID. Now they are willing to accept any email address that the tester uses on the device.

Currently there is a TestFlight version available for iCMTGIS PRO and Utility Data Collection. If you would like to try these apps out, please email


Wetland – Stakeout TestFlight 1.0.4 expired

“I was a Beta Tester of your version 1.0.4. I notice today that the Beta testing period has expired. I would like to use the APP but the Beta version replaced the original version on my IPAD. Any suggestions how I can get it back on my IPAD?”

When a TestFlight version of an app expires, it simply stops working. As you own the software license for the official release of Wetland – Stakeout app, you should be able to remove the Beta Version and download the current Wetland – Stakeout app from the App Store without being charged.

“I assume all of my form data, etc. will remain in the APP. In other words, I assume it won’t be like a clean or new install that has nothing with it that I have already done.”

Please copy all of your data files to your PC as a backup.

Please also read our 11/13/17 blog post at the following link regarding the new form templates:

Wetland – Stakeout TestFlight version

We now have a TestFlight version available for the Wetland – Stakeout app. If you are working with wetland delineation or need an app that will let you make your own customizable data entry forms, you might be interested in trying out the Wetland – Stakeout app for a short time. To request to be included in the temporary testers list of this app, please send an email to

Do you offer a trial of iCMTGIS PRO app so we can test it and make sure it will support our workflow before purchasing?

Sometimes, before making a new release, we may provide a TestFlight version that you could install and test for a limited time if you provide us with the Apple ID for your device. The Apple TestFlight app can only run on iOS 8 or later. The TestFlight version will stop working at the end of the TestFlight period or when the official app update is released, whichever comes first.

Currently we do have an iCMTGIS PRO TestFlight version. If you are interested, please send us an email indicating your interest and also include the Apple ID for your iPad or iPhone device. Apple will use that Apple ID to email an invitation to you to try the software app.

Comment from a user trying out iCMTGIS PRO:
“Thank you very much for your emails answering my questions. Your product and your service is excellent. I tired and dropped 2 other mobile products, as they had neither a finished product, nor timely support (iGIS and GIS PRO).

I had success for my first trial of CMTGIS pro and have been learning the function using your manual and my ipad air2.”

iCMTGIS PRO beta-testing

An iCMTGIS PRO beta-test version is now available for download via Apple Test-Flight.

iCMTGIS PRO provides more functions than our other apps, and you may not need all of its functionality. However, if you wish to find out whether your GPS receiver will work with our apps and see how some of the functions work (such as manual digitization, Create Deed Calls, GPS/GI S data collection, Point Stakeout and Line Stakeout), you could download this beta-test version to try for a limited period of time.

To get an invite from Apple to download Test Flight and the iCMTGIS PRO beta-test version, you must be running iOS 8 or later, and you must send a request to and provide the email address with which you have registered your iPhone or iPad device.

Try iCMTGIS III Beta-Test version for a limited time

We have released a beta-test version of the next update of the iCMTGIS III app to the Apple App Store. If you and/or your colleagues are interested in trying the iCMTGIS III app for a limited time, we could add your email addresses to the testers list. The test period will end in a couple weeks as we would like to release the update soon. At that time, the beta-test app will stop functioning and needs to be deleted from your device.

Apple will email an invitation to the testers with instructions for downloading their TestFlight app and installing our beta-test app. The tester will need to have an iPad running iOS 8 to participate, and the email address needs to be the one used for registering your iPad.

If interested, please send your request and the email address for your iPad to

Interested in trying a beta-test version of a form design app (Wetland – Stakeout)?

We have an iPad app that provides form design and data entry functionality. It is named Wetland – Stakeout as it incorporates the Wetland Determination Data Form – Arid West Region as a sample data entry form. Actually this app is a general-purpose report form design app that will let you set up a customized data collection form including data entry fields, data entry sheets as well as photos and signatures, and have it compute results that you need. Its built-in logic commands as well its GPS stakeout functions set it apart as a powerful and versatile tool for data collection professionals.

The user can send the report form with the filled-in data to a PDF file. Data in a Sheet type component can be exported as a text file in CSV format.

In the next release of the Wetland – Stakeout app, we will include the data entry forms for the other regions as well.

If you and/or your colleagues are interested in trying the beta-test version of the Wetland – Stakeout app for a short time, please send an email to and provide the email address tied to the iPad device that you will be using for the beta-testing. Then when we load the beta-test app to Apple, Apple will email to you the instructions for downloading their TestFlight app and installing our pre-release app. You will need to have an iPad running iOS 8 to participate. (Note: If you are using an external GPS receiver with your iPad, you might want to hold off updating to iOS 8.3. IOS 8.3 fails to provide the GPS position from external Bluetooth GPS devices. We have reported this bug to Apple and hope that the fix will be available soon.)