How to zoom in in Stakeout Mode?

“Wow, yes turning off map I can get more zoom. But how do I zoom when in stakeout mode? Or does that work with map off? I get that error sometimes still that says: ‘only point or line or area can be selected’, when I try to zoom.”

In Stakeout mode, the fields are waiting for your input. If the cursor is at the stakeout target field, a tap on the screen is interpreted as a Feature selection. When you want to work with the map (like zooming in or out), please remember to have the Cogo icon and the Apple Map turned off.

If you have a geotiff Background Map loaded (as in iCMTGIS III or iCMTGIS PRO), it does not affect the zoom.


Do I need cellular data for the app to work?

We received this question regarding the Deed Calls & Stakeout app, but the answer applies to our other apps as well.

The GPS data collection functions and most of the other functions will work without wi-fi and cellular data.

Some of our apps, like Forester GPS GIS III, Farming GPS GIS III, iCMTGIS III and iCMTGIS PRO will let you load a geo-referenced *.tif map and use it off-line.

Most of our apps provide a Map function to get and display the Map from Apple via wi-fi connection. However, you can cache the Map to use out there where no wi-fi is available. This means that you can call up the Map and display the area in which you will be working, turn off wi-fi then go out in the field. You will be able to view the Map while working with your app. As long as you do not play with the Map function while you are out there (such as switching from Show Satellite to Show Hybrid) or close Map, the background map should remain available.

Map not showing up in iCMTGIS PRO on iPhone 7 (iOS 10.3.3)

“I purchased the iCMTGIS PRO program about a year ago and have used it since then and like it and now I cant get a map to display I have good internet access when I go to Menu, map, and select show satellite or hybrid it just shows a gray background? Any idea how to fix this? If I close map the background goes to white. I have Version 1.0.6. I have tried closing the program , rebooting the iPhone etc. and cant figure it out? My job points show up but no map?”

Support: Please try using the Maps app on your iPhone. Does it have the same issue?

User: Google maps works but the other map won’t show.

Support: By “the other map” do you mean the Maps Apple app? Yeah, sometimes there is a problem with the Apple Maps server. However, it is working at our location in Oregon. Please try again tomorrow and see if the issue has been resolved.

User: Ok now it works I updated to iOS 11 and now it works – not sure if that did it or it just came back online

Support: Apple Maps must have come back online. The Map function in our apps is based on the Apple Map.

If you have a Geo-Tiff image for your job site, you could load it into the iCMTGIS PRO app as a Background Map. Background Maps work off-line.

Map only shows grids in Partition & Stakeout app loaded on iPhone 7

“Downloaded app from Apple Store on July 13th 2017. Still reading and learning usage of software. Although, in attempting to use the Maps portion with GPS, no maps appear, strictly grids. App loaded on an iPhone 7; version 10.3.2. Can you assist with possible issues for correction? This is for personal usage, not commercial. Would like to stakeout and layout lot for new home.”

The Map function gets the map from Apple via wi-fi. Sometimes it helps to turn off wi-fi on your iOS device then turn it on again. Resetting the iOS device usually corrects the problem.

Please run the Apple Maps app on your iOS device. If you see the same screen of grids, then the issue should be due to the Apple Map server or a network problem.

Map cannot zoom in past 2 cm : 13.70 Meters in iCMTGIS PRO

With the built-in Apple Map turned on, you cannot zoom all the way in. This is a limitation with the Apple Map.

Please turn off the Apple Map. You could use a Geotiff or a .pim file as the background image instead.

GPS marker goes to (0,0) after updating app

“After we upgraded our iCMTGIS III to its latest version, v1.1.3, we had two funny behaviors:
1) Two of our staff can’t get GPS right (pointing roughly to 0,0) – other apps on iPad give correct locations; I couldn’t find which setting affected it. So remove the app and re-installed, and the GPS location read right.
2) Google Apple Standard Map slowly refreshed or doesn’t show at all (but satellite image is fine).”

1) We checked into this issue and saw the problem on one iPad after we updated it from iOS 8 to iOS 9.2.1 yesterday. (It worked fine before the iOS update.) Somehow the Datum and Epoch fields under Setup – Coordinates were blanked out. After we selected the GS84(1150)/ITRF00 datum and entered 01/01/2015, the GPS marker was displayed in the correct location. Our app does not let the user blank out the Datum field. It saves this information with each Job. A new job created defaults to the WGS84(1150)/ITRF00 datum. We updated another iPad to iOS 9 yesterday but did not see this issue afterwards. It is possible that the problem occurred in the other iPad because we forgot to close the app before doing the iOS update. Therefore, to avoid strange problems, it is advisable to close the app before downloading a software update or an iOS update.

2) We have occasionally seen the Apple Map refresh slowly or not show in the “Show standard” mode. We think it is caused by the Apple map server network. Switching to Show Satellite then back to Show Standard usually resolves the problem.

Satellite image obscured by cloud

“I have your app “farming gps gis” for iPad, and can’t use it effectively as the satellite image for our farm has a cloud obscuring the view. Is it possible to access another layer image which would be clear of cloud?”

Indeed the entire farm was blocked from view by white clouds that one would otherwise be happy to see. Hopefully the clouds will have drifted away when Apple updates the Map images in the future.

Our PC-GIS software will let you convert a GeoTIFF , a GeoJpeg, a .SID or a .ECW map image into the .pim format that you can load into the Farming GPS GIS app to use as a background map. It will also let you capture a geo-referenced Google Earth image and convert it into .pim format.
A PC-GIS brochure can be found at

(This user mentioned that he only uses the app on his own farm, so we captured a geo-referenced image from Google Earth Pro and converted it to a .pim file for him to use.)