Symbol used for representing recorded GPS Features

A customer reported that he had collected a number of points using iCMTGIS Pro and Arrow 100. Although the Topic in his Feature List have specific symbols assigned to them, the recorded points were displayed using the default blue dot symbol.

We have determined that this is a software bug in some of our apps. We will work on fixing this issue. In the mean time, you can click the “Pattern” button to select the desired symbol before storing data.

Is there a way to edit symbol size?

For our PC software programs and for our iOS apps that provide the Topic View, you can double-click on the symbol in Topic View to call up the symbols page. On this page you will see the option to change the symbol, size and color. The changes you make will apply to all the Features on the selected Topic layer.

In an app like iCMTGIS II, if you just want to edit the symbol for an individual Feature, then select that Feature in Map View and tap on the Feature Properties icon at the top.

In PC-GIS 9 or PC-GIS X, double-click on a Feature then click on the “Symbol” button to access the symbols page for editing the symbol of that Feature.

Custom Symbol Assignment in iCMTGIS PRO

“I have two clients using iCMTGIS Pro and they’re asking how to save custom feature symbols, colors and patterns in a feature list. For instance, how do you manage various patterns/colors for several area features, lines and points?”

In the Help document please select “Set up Feature List”.

Under “Editing a Feature List”, there is this instruction:
“Mark the Activate Pattern checkbox to see the Pattern column displayed in the Value section.” After marking the Activate Pattern checkbox,  you will be able to assign different symbols, colors and patterns to different types of Points, Lines and Areas on the active Topic layer.

After you have saved the Features List, you will be able to select that Feature List to use with a Job. You can do so in the Job Setup screen after selecting Job – Open Job.

If the clients are looking to create their own custom symbols, then they would need to use PC-GIS X to edit the symbols on one of the symbols pages (such as Forestry1, Forestry2 or Surveyor) then use iTunes to copy the corresponding symbols library file to the documents folder for iCMTGIS PRO. For example, for the point symbols, the file names corresponding to Forestry1, Forestry2 and Surveyor are cmtpnt01.lib, ctpnt02.lib and cmtpnt03.lib, respectively. Please note that these files are case sensitive in iCMTGIS PRO. Close the app by double-clicking the Home button of the iOS device. Then reopen the app to see the available new symbols.

How to view the collected data from Map View?

After recording the GPS Features and their Attributes, you may tap any Feature in Map View and use the Feature Properties tool (showing a pair of spectacles) to view the relevant coordinates and attribute information.

Switch between the Coordinates and Attribute pages by tapping on the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen.

To maintain data integrity, you may not change the GPS coordinates recorded. However, you are free to edit the coordinates of manually digitized points.

You may edit the Attributes for a Feature as appropriate.

In the Attribute screen, you may also change the symbol assignment for the recorded Feature.  When you tap the Pattern button, you will see a page of available symbols. You may switch to a different page by tapping the symbol library name at the top.

After selecting a symbol, you may change its color and/or size then click the green check mark to confirm your selection.

Click the green check mark again to return to the Map View.