App to help plant trees?

“I am wondering if any of your programs could be used in my tractor as a way to guide me in driving a straight line when planting Christmas trees? Even if it doesn’t help me row by row could it be used to help me lay out a planting? Help to drive the first line across a field?”

The GPS system you will need to guide a tractor along a line to plant Christmas trees requires a high-precision GPS receiver used in conjunction with an app that will let you record a few reference points, draw the line on the map and guide the tractor along the line.

The actual equipment and app you select will depend on the accuracy you wish to achieve. Of course, a high-accuracy system comes with a high cost.

The SXBlue Platinum and EOS Arrow Gold GPS receivers can be used with iCMTGIS III to achieve sub-meter accuracy.

The SXBlue Platinum and EOS Arrow Gold GPS receivers can be used with iCMTGIS PRO and a RTK network to achieve cm-level accuracy.

As there will also be visual cues to guide the tractor, do you think sub-meter accuracy will be sufficient for you?

Both iCMTGIS III and iCMTGIS PRO will let you load a geo-referenced background map (*.tif. *.pim or *.bmp). These are useful as a general reference, but they are not accurate enough to let you pin-point your first point or line by digitization.

You could use iCMTGIS III with a SXBlue Platinum or an EOS Arrow Gold GPS receiver to record the property boundary and the starting point to sub-meter accuracy. iCMTGIS III and iCMTGIS PRO will let you create a grid over the property to indicate where the trees are to be planted.

iCMTGIS III and iCMTGIS PRO provide the Stakeout functions to guide you along the grid lines. These apps will display how far the tractor deviates from the line. You could also set up the apps to keep beeping as long as the tractor stays on the line within the specified tolerance.


Need app for lime spreading

“We are looking for a app that can assist us with our lime spreading operation……the app we are looking for would enable us to overlay a map with grid lines, these grid lines would ideally run North/South and East/West, and would need to be able to be adjusted/calibrated to suit the coverage width of our spreader, the app would then create a track that shows what areas we have covered.”

Our iCMTGIS III and iCMTGIS PRO for iPad and iPhone will let you directly load a GeoTiff file to use as a background map. These apps can also display the built-in Apple Map when wi-fi connection is available.

Farming GPSGIS II for iPad will display the built-in Apple Map via wi-fi connection. If you have PC-GIS X, you could use it to convert GeoTiff, MRSID and ECW map files to .pim files that can be used by Farming GPSGIS II as background maps.

You can use the above apps and a compatible GPS to record the perimeter of the area you will be working with. Or, if your farm boundary can be clearly viewed on the background map, you could digitize its perimeter. This will create an Area Feature. Then you can create grid lines over the Area Feature at the desired spacing in the North/South and East/West directions (or any other direction).

The above apps also provide a Line Stakeout function that can help the spreader stay on the grid lines.

With GPS turned on, you can use the app to create a track that shows where the spreader has been. This will be a Line Feature.

The important issue, however, is the desired accuracy. The GPS provided with iPhone and iPad devices are not accurate. Many of our customers purchase an external GPS receiver that is compatible with the iPhone and iPad devices. The Dual XGPS-150A and Bad Elf GPS claim 1-3 meter accuracy. iSXBlue and EOS Arrow GPS receivers can provide submeter accuracy, but they are pricey.

Grid mesh, grid points and grid lines

Grid Points Topic

“Some fuzziness as to why the Grid is part of Non-Spatial ? When I’m trying to go back in and fine tune the map. e.g. the size of the ‘grid points’ … i have a difficult time isolating them and finding font size for them.”

This comment was sent in with regards using the Create Grid function in Forester GPS GIS II.

The Create Grid function provided by some of our apps will create a grid mesh drawing over an Area Feature. Such a grid mesh belongs to the Non-Spatial Data Topic as it is not a Feature per se. Some users just use the grid mesh as a general reference.

If you intend to use the grid mesh nodes or the grid mesh lines as Features that you can assign symbol/pattern to or to stakeout to, then you will need to create the Points or Line Features based on the grid mesh. You can do so by marking the “Create Points from Grid” or the “Create Lines from Grid” check box in the Grid Property dialog. The corresponding Topic layer will be created, and you can work with the Features on the Grid Points or Grid Lines Topic layer the same way as with the other Points and Line Features.

Grid – Distance – Area app updated for iOS 8 compatibility

“I’ve had this app and found it very useful until I updated to the iOS 8 and now it doesn’t work. I updated another app from your company and was wondering if the app I was referring to will be updated to compatibility also.”

We are pleased to let you know that Grid – Distance – Area Version 1.1.1 has just been released.
This update fixes the iOS 8 compatibility issue.

Deed Calls – Grid – Stakeout app for iPad and iPhone released


Some iPhone users do not need all the functions provided by the Farming GPS GIS or the Forester GPS GIS apps for iPad, but are mainly interested in generating a stand boundary based on deed calls, creating a sampling grid and then locating the sampling points.

We are pleased to announce the release of Deed Calls – Grid – Stakeout 1.0.0 app, which fulfills this request.

As the name indicates, Deed Calls – Grid – Stakeout provides the ability to enter deed calls to create a deed plot. A deed plot of Area Type can be converted into an Area Feature, over which you can create grid points or grid lines. Then you can use the Point Stakeout function to help you approach each grid point. Or, you can use the Line Stakeout function to help you walk the boundary of the land plot.

A preview of the Deed Calls – Grid – Stakeout app is available at the App Store.

Grid- Distance – Area app released

Create Grid Points over a digitized area

For those GIS users who just want to have a set of grid points or grid lines created on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, the new Grid – Distance – Area application provides an economical solution. This app will let you digitize an Area Feature, view its area and perimeter, and create grid points or grid lines over that area. Foresters could use the grid points as the prism points for timber cruising, farmers could take soil samples or measure pH, and scientist could measure air or water content at these points.

As most GIS users are interested in digitizing a shape on a background map and viewing its area or length, the Grid – Distance – Area app also provides these capabilities. Its main functions are:

  • Digitize Area Feature over the built-in Map
  • Use GPS location as a node
  • Create Grid Points or Grid Lines based on user-specified spacing and orientation
  • Measure Distance between successive taps on the screen as well as the total distance
  • Display Area of a region delineated on the screen
  • Display line segments with angles and distances
  • Email the grid file
  • Save the drawing to a PDF file

This app is now available from the iTunes App Store.