App for finding property pins

“I am looking to find two property pins. I have a map of the property lines. What app do I need for a iPhone 5 and will this be very close to the pins? What is the cost for this app?”

What kind of map do you have? Is it a paper map or a file? If it is an image file, what is the file format (such as GeoTiff, GeoJpeg, Shapefiles, etc.)?

Our apps work on iPhone 5. Stakeout iCMT provides the function to help you approach a point (pin) if you know the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the point. Are you able to match your property map to that displayed in Google Earth? If so, you could probably get the approximate coordinates for the pins from Google Earth then enter those into the Stakeout iCMT app on your iPhone 5. (Use the Locate a Point by Address function described in the attached Help document then store the point.)

If you need additional functionality (such as entering property description from a deed, or mapping the property boundary), then you could consider our other apps, such as iCMTGIS III.

How close you can get to the pin depends on the GPS receiver used. The one built into the iPhone has a precision of about 10 meters or worse. If you just need to find the pin, this will probably be fine. If you need to record the GPS coordinates of the pin that you find, then the location accuracy won’t be that great. Some users use an external GPS receiver like the Dual XGPS-150A or the Bad Elf 2200, which claims 2 – 5 meters accuracy.

How to mark points in the field

“Could you please give a refresher as how to physically mark points in the field from points on my Ipad using Stakeout iCMT? I have the points saved in the program on my ipad, but I’m not sure how to go to the field, turn on the GPS and walk to my different points on the ipad to lay out field flags.”

Stakeout iCMT provides two stakeout methods when GPS is turned on.

1. You could use Point Stakeout to help you go to each point that you select. Under Stakeout Settings you can set the tolerance distance to have the app alert you when you get close to the position to be staked using Point Stakeout.

2. You could create a Line Feature by connecting all your points into a line in the order that you would like to visit them. Then you would select Line Stakeout, select the Line Feature that you have created, then let the app guide you along the line. When you are at the desired node, you can put in the stake.

If you like, you could tap the Store Result button to store the location of the actual stake point. The accuracy of the stake point depends on the GPS receiver you use.

Use Stakeout function to find points

“I am looking for a basic Iphone App that will help me find longitude and latitude points on a lot in Mexico. I have the longitude and latitude points. I believe your App can help me draw a map in my phone, then I will be able to find those points in the field. “

Yes, we have several apps that provide the function to locate points with known coordinates. You can use the Stakeout iCMT app to digitize Points, Lines and Areas in a job map over the built-in Apple Satellite map.

The Add Point by Coordinates function will let you create a point by entering its coordinates. The Point Stakeout function can help you get to the points. You can set it up to beep or display a message when you get close to each point.

Please keep in mind that the iPhone GPS is not quite accurate. You will need to use a high-accuracy survey-grade GPS for doing engineering or survey work.

I have the LAT-LON coordinates of the four corners of a piece of rectangle-shaped property. Will Partition & Stakeout let me place the four corners in the app and help me get to them on the property?

Yes, you can use the Add Point by Coordinates function to add the LAT-LON coordinates of each point into the app. Make sure you enter the North, South, East and West designations correctly. Otherwise the points will end up in unexpected places in the world.
After the points have been created, you can use Point Stakeout to help you approach each point. Or, you could use the Add Area Manually function to form an Area Feature that represents the property then use the Line Stakeout function to help you walk along the boundary of the property.

Which app will let me digitize my property then go out and find it?

Stakeout iCMT will display the Apple Map on your iPad (with WiFi and GPS) or your iPhone and let you digitize the boundary of your property and any landmarks on the built-in Apple Map. If you know the Latidude and Longitude of a point, you could also add the point to the map by entering these coordinates. The points, lines and areas you digitize will be stored as Features in the job file.

You can use the Point Stakeout function in this app to help you go to the Point Feautres or to any node on a Line Feature or Area Feature. The app will continually show the current distance between you and the target and display how far in which direction you should go to reach the target to stake it.

The Line Stakeout function in this app will help you move along a Line Feature or an Area Feature. You may store a position at any time as you walk along. Later, you may digitize the line or area boundary you have traversed by snapping to each of these points. The digitized Features can be output to a PDF file.

The Point Stakeout and Line Stakeout functions are also incorporated in the Farming GPS GIS app for the iPad and the Forester GPS GIS app for the iPad. If you have PC-GIS X, then you could send the job file from Farming GPS GIS or Foreser GPS GIS to this desktop software and also bring in a Google Map image as background then print the Feature data along with the background map. Or, you could use PC-GIS X to export the Feature data in .kml format and open the .kml file in Google Earth.