Download DXF to itunes then to iCMT PRO

“I have a .dxf file from a surveyor. Currently it resides in my Dropbox file. I do have iTunes, Dropbox and iCloud accounts.What is the best way to get this onto my iPad and available for use in my iCMT Pro app so I can use in the field? Step by step would be great because I am a novice.”

1. You will need to have the surveyor tell you which coordinate system he used to save the DXF file. Did he use the LLA system (latitude, longitude)? If you also care about the elevation, then have him tell you whether he used the MSL (mean-sea-level) elevation.

2. You can copy the DXF file from your Dropbox to a folder on your PC. Please see the article at the following link:

Dropbox Tip: Saving Local Files on your Computer

3. Then connect your iPad with your PC and run iTunes on your PC.

In iTunes select your iPad device then go to the File Sharing section and look for the iCMTGIS PRO. Tap on that.

On the right side you should see all the files stored on your device for iCMTGIS PRO.

Click the Add File button on the bottom of the iTunes screen then go to the folder in which you saved the DXF file.

Select that DXF file, and it will be copied to your iCMTGIS PRO documents folder.

(By the way, if you want to copy any files to your PC, then select those files and click on the Save To button.)

4. In iCMTGIS PRO you can now set the coordinate system and distance unit that match what the surveyor used then import the DXF file.


Importing a DXF file into iCMTGIS PRO

“Hi I am having trouble loading a file into the unit. . . . My error says that it is required to be in LLA, but I would rather use New York East State Plane. Do I have to convert? If so, how?”

This problem is most likely due to the datum and coordinate system used. Please set up the datum, coordinate system, and distance unit in iCMTGIS PRO to match those used for creating the DXF file then load the DXF file.

If your DXF file was created in LLA, then please set iCMTGIS PRO to WGS84 and LLA. If your DXF refers to a newer WGS84 realization, then select that one.

Load the DXF in iCMTGIS PRO then change the coordinate system to NAD83_CORS96/CSRS98 and State Plane and select New York East State Plane.

The above instruction also applies to other CMTINC apps that provide the DXF import functionality.

iCMTGIS III app released

Insert Nodes

Insert Nodes

After a longer-than-normal app review, Apple has finally approved iCMTGIS III for release. We apologize for the delay.

iCMTGIS III provides the following enhancements over the iCMTGIS II GPS/GIS mapping and data collection app.

1. Ability to load geo-referenced .tif file as background image for GPS mapping
2. Moving map support for geotiff background image
3. Ability to enter Antenna Height and specify incoming GPS datum for RTK data collection
4. Nested Points default to last used Point Topic
5. Record GPS data with angle/distance Offset
6. Create Points in Traverse mode
7. Classify Features on a Topic layer
8. Export Shapefiles into a folder; import Shapefiles from a folder
9. Import/Export Feature data in Excel, DXF, KML formats
10. Export Feature data to GPX
11. Import/Export Text Files (with fixed-length field option) for Point Topics
12. Photo support
13. Point Stakeout and Line Stakeout functions
14. Insert node or Delete node to modify a Line or Area
15. Join or Disconnect Line/Area
16. Feature List (Attribute data table) with symbol/pattern support
17. Ability to add built-in Attributes for a Topic
18. Sort/Search/Batch Delete Features and view statistics
19. Create deed plot by entering Deed Calls
20. Export to PDF

Please also visit to view our press release. Thanks.