Automatically populate Indicator field in Wetland – Stakeout app

“I am still trying to work to find an easy way to add or update PLIST to automatically popup with the associated wetland indicator.”

Many users want the ability to have the wetland indicator field automatically filled in when they select a species name in the wetland data entry form. To save users the trouble of modifying the data entry form for the Indicator fields, we plan to build the formula into the Indicator fields and also add a default PLIST spreadsheet at the end of the form. This way, the user will just need to populate the PLIST with the species-indicator list that they normally work with in the job area. Please look for this new feature in a future update, which will take some time to implement.


Wetland – Stakeout update

Formula for Indicator Status

Formula for Indicator Status

The Wetland – Stakeout app has been updated to version 1.0.3.

A Find Where command has been added to provide a conditional search capability.

This command is particularly useful for wetland data entry as it allows the user to enter a formula and have the app search a plant list to retrieve and automatically input the indicator status corresponding to the species name selected in the Wetland data entry form.

How to automatically assign indicator code to plant species in Wetland & Stakeout

“Have you folks thought of a way to link the plant indicator status (FAC, FACW, OBL, etc.) to the species name? That way when you pick a species from the list it automatically lists the indicator status. I was looking at your Design Report and was thinking there probably is a way to do it but is beyond my knowledge. — After two different field trips to sites in central PA I find the APP to work as advertised. I like it and as I use it I will keep you posted on my questions and observations.”

Nice question.

For the Indicator field, you could enter a formula to tie the displayed result to the species name.

For example:

IF SpeciesName== “Acer rubrum”

Then whenever you select “Acer rubrum” in the Tree Stratum, “FAC” will be displayed as the indicator code.

To try this functionality, you could save one of your projects under a “Test Job” name, then select Design Report in the app.

Tap on the Tree Stratum form and see its name highlighted on the right side. Tap the lock button to unlock it for editing then tap the “>” button.

Tap on the “Fields” tab then tap on “Indicator”.

Tap on the Edit button then mark the check box of “Has Formula
Now you can enter the above lines to tell the app what to do when you select Acer rubrum as the species.

To facilitate the formula entry, the Name button lists the available field names for the Tree Stratum and the Command button lets you pick the commands rather than having to key in each letter.

You could use the logic operator OR to specify a few species on the same line for the same indicator status. This method can get tedious if you have a long species list to work with. We will look into the feasibility of providing a more efficient way to achieve the desired result.

(Same user suggested to add the ability to search another table to get the indicator status for the species of interest. We are working on this enhancement.)