Can’t hear sound from iCMTGIS III app on iPhone 6

“When I turn GPS on in my app, I don’t hear any beeps. My iPhone 6 works fine. Volume is turned up. The Navigation Beep and Featuring Beep show checked.”

Please check the Ring/Silent switch on the left side of your iPhone 6. It needs to be moved toward the display side. For additional information, please see the article at


I cannot mute the GPS sound in iCMTGIS PRO

Under Setup – Navigation Settings, you can turn off the Navigation Beep, the Featuring Beep, or both.

The navigation beeps provide an auditory confirmation that the app is connected to the GPS receiver and receiving position data. A two-note featuring beep is emitted with each GPS fix while you are actively recording GPS data.

There is also a Target Beep that you can switch on or off via GPS – Stakeout Setup. The Stakeout Setup screen will also let you turn the Navigation Beep and the Featuring Beep on or off.


I have never heard beeping from the app upon connection or during stake out.

Are you able to hear any sound from your iPad (outside of iCMTGIS III)?

If not, please check the Settings on your iPad.
Under Settings/General, there is an option for USE SIDE SWITCH TO:
If you have “Mute” checked, then please slide the side switch to the other position to undo the muting.

If you are able to hear sounds in general but just not the GPS navigation, data collection or stakeout sounds in our app, please check the iCMTGIS III Setup/Navigation Settings screen and the Stakeout Setup screen, and make sure the following check boxes are marked:

Navigation Beep
Featuring Beep
Target Beep (used in conjunction with the stakeout Tolerance in the Stekeout Setup screen)