Using Stakeout iCMT to find property line

“I purchased this app in order to find my property lines, I can not figure out how to use it.”

This app will help you get to a Point Feature that you have added to the map or move along a Line or Area Feature that you have added to a map.

If you can identify your property on the displayed Satellite Map, you could first create a new Area Feature then use the “Add Area manually” function to digitize the property boundary on the map. Then you can use the Line Stakeout function to help you walk along the plot and try to find the stakes.

If you have a property boundary description that contains bearing and distance information as well as the coordinates for the point of beginning, then you could use one of our apps that provides the Deed Calls and Stakeout functions. Of these, the most economical is the Deed Calls & Stakeout app.

Property Dispute

“I would like to use you app to find our property line stakes. I have a plat map of my property. I have also found two marker Stakes on the property. Can you guide me to the correct app to go from my steaks with my cellphone and Mark all of my eight corners?”

Several of our apps provide the Deed Calls and Stakeout functions that can help locate stakes using a property boundary description containing bearing and distance information and the coordinates for the point of beginning.

The most economical app for your situation is the Deed Calls & Stakeout app. The iPhone GPS is not sufficiently accurate for you to establish new stakes, but you could use the following procedure to find your existing stakes.

Turn on GPS and the Satellite Map.

If you don’t have the LAT LON coordinates for the point of beginning, you could stand at the point of beginning and tap the Pick GPS button to get its coordinates. This will not be exact, as the GPS accuracy of the iPhone is limited.

On the First Node page, enter the local magnetic declination into the Orientation field.

Use the Calls Page to enter your deed calls and plot the property.

Under GPS, select Line Stakeout and select your plot as the Target.

Tap the Message tab to see how far you are from the property line. Move along the plot in such a way as to minimize the Range value.

When you get close to a corner, search for a stake. The accuracy of the GPS on your iPhone will determine the radius of your search area. This could be 30 ft (or 10 ft under favorable conditions).