iCMTGIS PRO updated to Release 1.1.2

New in this update:

1. Added GPS Quality as a built-in Attribute. You can now add the GPS data quality as a Feature Topic Attribute, which can be exported.

2. Fixed the problem of not automatically recording the default Value (set up in the Feature List used by a Job) for the first Feature logged during GPS data collection. Also fixed the issue of not automatically recording the default Value if a built-in Attribute has been added for the active Feature Topic.

3. Fixed bugs related to adding H_2DRMS as a Feature Topic Attribute, which can be exported.

4. App will issue an alert if user attempts to take the next step while the app is actively saving the Job data during GPS data collection.

Many thanks to the users who have reported the bugs and provided helpful suggestions.

How to record the RMS value displayed in iCMTGIS PRO?

In the “Enable the External GPS” mode, iCMTGIS PRO can display on the GPS Status line the RMS value sent over by such GPS receivers as the iSXBlue II GNSS, SXBlue Platinum and the EOS Arrow series GNSS receivers.

Some iCMTGIS PRO users have requested the ability to save the GPS RMS information along with the recorded Features. We are working on adding the RMS value and some other GPS status information to the built-in Attributes List. When the new built-in Attributes List is available, you will be able to select the RMS from the list and add it to the Feature Topic as an Attribute. Then the RMS values for the Features recorded via the GPS Data Collection function will show up in Sheet View, and you will be able to export them along with the other Feature information.