GPS Position Averaging

“I use your Wetland Stakeout app with an Arrow GNSS receiver connected to an IPAD. Is there a way to collect features using position averaging with that app? If no, what APPS do you have that allow for position averaging?”

We have a few apps that provide GPS/GIS data collection functionality with position averaging:

For iPhone only: iGPSGIS II

For iPad only: iCMTGIS II, Utility Data Collection, Farming GPS GIS II/III, Forester GPS GIS II/III

For iPad and iPhone: iCMTGIS III, iCMTGIS PRO

Please let us know what other functionality you are looking for besides point averaging so we might help you identify the app to use. For example, will you want to be able to load a GeoTiff background map in the app? Will you need to export the data as a text file, or just in Shapefiles format? Will you be using a high-precision GPS receiver, such as an EOS Arrow or an iSXBlue II? Or, is a 2 – 5 m position accuracy good enough?


I’m looking for the best software like ArcPad that is able to work without wifi and 3G, for geological mapping. I’d like to work with shape files, raster images, create and save shape.

The complete solution for your mapping application is iCMTGIS II for the iPad2 and PC-GIS 09 for your PC or Mac.

iCMTGIS II will import and export Shapefiles as well as let you collect GPS Feature data. It provides a Sheet View that lists the Feature data records in each Feature Topic layer.

PC-GIS 09 can convert raster images for use in iCMTGIS II. It also provides many useful mapping functions. In the article titled: “Digital Mapping Alternatives: GIS for the Busy Forester” of the June 2005 issue of the Journal of Forestry, PC-GIS is compared side-by-side with several GIS programs. PC-GIS is rated #1 for the level of functionality at an affordable price.

iCMTGIS II and PC-GIS 09 work with Feature Lists in which you can define Feature, Attributes and Values for data collection.

You can also digitize Points, Lines and Areas using iCMTGIS II or PC-GIS 09.

Starting a GPS/GIS data collection job

The assignment to inventory all the fire hydrants and street trees in a section of a city is but one of many job tasks you may be asked to do.  It’s advisable to keep the data collected for one project separate from that collected for a different project. This means that we should create a separate job file for each project.

To create the job file for our inventory assignment, let’s tap the Main Menu icon at the top of the main screen in iCMTGIS or iGPSGIS. Select Job then select Current Job.

Tap the New button then enter “ht” (lowercase) in the File Name field and clear the Prefix ID. I want to keep the job name short and sweet, but feel free to enter a longer name or accept the default file name, if you wish. This will be the name of your GPS/GIS job.

Tap the pull-down arrow by the Feature List field and select the ht.fbr Feature List that we created last week.

Tap the green check mark at the top to save and close the Job Setup screen.

If your iOS device comes with GPS, tap on the GPS icon then select “GPS On” to turn on the GPS function.  If you see “GPS Off”, that means your GPS is already turned on and you could tap that selection to turn the GPS off to save power when you are not actively using GPS.

When GPS signals are coming in and a position can be computed, you will see the GPS location marker displayed on the screen.

To use the built-in Map as the background reference for your data collection job, tap the Main Menu icon then select Map.

Zoom in or out to a comfortable scale for your data collection task.

iGPSGIS Version 1.0.0 launched!

Now you can put the iGPSGIS data collection app on your iPhone and have just one device to take along to your job site.  We are pleased to announce the release of this first version of iGPSGIS and hope that you will appreciate its powerful data collection functions and friendly user interface.

Please check out the iGPSGIS 1.0.0 and let us know how you like it. Holler if you see any bugs.