How to delete Jobs and Features in CMT GIS PRO?

“First—wondering how to delete jobs in cmtgis pro is I can start over fresh. Just go to iTunes and delete the files in the file sharing are??? Same with Features. Not sure how to edit or delete features in the feature list or edit attributes once the feature has been created.”

1. Yes, to delete an entire Job, please connect your iOS device with iTunes, select the Job files in the File Sharing area for the app, then click the Delete button on your PC keyboard.

2. The Feature List is made up of three main sections. To delete an entire Feature Topic, select that record under “Feature” then tap on the Delete button. To delete an Attribute for the selected Feature Topic, select that Attribute then tap the Delete button. To delete an assigned Value for the selected Attribute, select that Value record then tap the Delete button.

To edit an Attribute, first select it then choose the type. If it is of the “List” type, you can tap the Value section then tap the Add button to add one or more Values to assign to the Attribute. If you wish to assign specific symbols or patterns to the Values, then mark the “Activate Pattern” check box. Please see the built-in Help document for details.


How to view the collected data from Map View?

After recording the GPS Features and their Attributes, you may tap any Feature in Map View and use the Feature Properties tool (showing a pair of spectacles) to view the relevant coordinates and attribute information.

Switch between the Coordinates and Attribute pages by tapping on the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen.

To maintain data integrity, you may not change the GPS coordinates recorded. However, you are free to edit the coordinates of manually digitized points.

You may edit the Attributes for a Feature as appropriate.

In the Attribute screen, you may also change the symbol assignment for the recorded Feature.  When you tap the Pattern button, you will see a page of available symbols. You may switch to a different page by tapping the symbol library name at the top.

After selecting a symbol, you may change its color and/or size then click the green check mark to confirm your selection.

Click the green check mark again to return to the Map View.