User-defined projections

“. . . we would like to know by PC-GIS software possible to establish our Coordinate system (KTM Projection and GRS 1980 Datum) to use it in iCMTGIS Pro software?”

The KTM-KUDAMS projection for Kuwait is based on the Transverse Mercator projection. You can use the PC-GIS X software to create a user-defined coordinate system by entering the parameters for this projection. Then please copy the user_cor.sys file created by PC-GIS X to your iCMTGIS PRO documents folder. Then iCMTGIS PRO will let you select the user-defined coordinate system to use.

If I purchase iCMTGIS PRO for my iPhone, can I also install it on my iPad?

Some of our apps were designed specifically for the iPhone or specifically for the iPad, but iCMTGIS III and iCMTGIS PRO were designed for use on both the iPhone and the iPad devices.

You can install your purchase of this app on your iPhone and iPad devices as long as your devices use the same Apple ID.

A related question:

“If I get a new iPhone in the future, will I be able to re-download and install iCMTGIS Pro on my new device without having to purchase it again?”

Once you have purchased the iCMTGIS PRO app, you can install it in any new iPad or iPhone device that you purchase as long as the devices use the same Apple ID.

Please note that our iOS apps are sold via the Apple App Store, and all purchases and installations are governed by Apple.


Do you offer a volume license, or discount for the pro version?

The sales of our iOS apps are handled by Apple. Apple does offer volume discounts to businesses that sign up with them. Please see the information provided at the link below:

It seems that the “Redeemable Code” method is more straightforward, but you can choose the distribution method that best suits your organization.

Should you be interested in the PC-GIS X that can interchange job files with iCMTGIS PRO and also provides the CE Image converter function that can convert GeoTiff, GeoJpeg, ECW, MRSID and geo-referenced Google Earth map files to the .pim image files that can be used as background map on iCMTGIS PRO, please let us know. We can offer good pricing for the PC and Windows Mobile PDA software that we sell directly. We have a DEMO version of PC-GIS that will let you take a look of some of the functions that it provides.

Loading GeoTiff files into iCMTGIS PRO

“I’ve tried loading a georeferenced .tiff file (created with arcmap 10) into icmtgis pro.  When I select it from the list the app shuts down and doesn’t load the map.  Any ideas?”

Did you transfer the .tif file as well as the .tfw file to the Documents folder of iCMTGIS PRO on your device? The .tfw file contains the geo-referencing information and is necessary for displaying the GeoTiff map in the correct geographic location.

“Thanks so much, no I didn’t load the .twf file but also I was deflating the image when I first created it and the app didn’t like that.  Looks like it will work now.”

iCMTGIS PRO 1.0.1 released

You might call iCMTGIS PRO the Cadillac of our iOS apps. This app builds on iCMTGIS III and provides Contour – Volume functionality as well as the ability to read the NMEA stream from a number of “External GPS” receivers, such as the Dual XGPS-150A, the Bad Elf and the EOS Arrow.

“External GPS” refers only to those GPS receivers for which the app can parse the NMEA messages. To use any other compatible external GPS, please turn off “Enable the external GPS” check box under GPS setup.

After you have turned on “External GPS” and the GPS receiver is able to compute a position, the app will display a GPS status indicator, such as N3D3, which indicates that the GPS is providing 3-dimensional position and that the PDOP is 3. You will also be able to view the Satellite Status and position errors.

The iCMTGIS PRO and Arrow 200 combo is well suited for doing RTK GPS data collection using the correction data from a RTK network. You will use EOS Tools Pro to connect to the network. With such a setup, the iCMTGIS PRO app will be able to display the RMS error, the age of the GPS differential correction data as well as the differential station ID. This means that Surveyors and GIS field personnel will be able to check the accuracy of the position data collected in real time. In fact, they could also set a limit on RMS such that the system will only record data with errors that fall within the specified limit.

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