Does iCMTGIS need to run in the background when I hit the Home button?

iCMTGIS will need to run in the background so that data logging will not be interrupted when you switch to another application. Therefore, in the background running mode, you will still hear the navigation or featuring beeps if GPS is active, even though you are in a different application.


iCMTGIS Version 1.2.6 Released on April 5, 2011

We are pleased to hear from many iCMTGIS users that they find the application most useful and powerful. We are thankful to the users who have reported program bugs that they encountered. All known bugs have been fixed in  iCMTGIS Version 1.2.6, and the weather is getting better, so you can expect to be much more productive in the coming months.

If you would like to share your experience of using iCMTGIS in your field of work, or if you have a question about the iCMTGIS software or GPS/GIS data collection in general, please feel free to post your comment on this blog site.