Using iCMTGIS PRO to import or export in Excel .xls format

It’s rather straightforward to export the data from a Job in iCMTGIS PRO, iCMTGIS III, Forester GPS GIS III and Farming GPS GIS III to an Excel .xls file.

It is also easy to import Point data from a simple .xls file to a Job in the above-mentioned apps. Please make sure to place the Latitude column before the Longitude column in the worksheet, and to select the matching datum and coordinate system when importing the data.

It’s a bit more work if you wish to export Point data to a .xls file, add more Points to it, then re-import the data from the modified .xls file into the app. The reason is that there are multiple sheets in the .xls file for the exported Points pertaining to the coordinate system, the Topic structure, the Attribute Value for all the points as well as the coordinates for all the nodes. .

Make sure that when you add new points to the .xls file, the FeatureIndex for the TopicNodes1 and TopicValues1 are consistent, and the coordinates are entered into the correct fields.

If the .xls file contains multiple Point, Line and Area Feature Topics, then work carefully with the multiple sets of TopicNodes(n) and TopicValues(n).


Can data be exported to Excel from the Wetland – Stakeout app?

“I understand that the Wetland Stakeout App can export determination or custom forms to PDF, but can the App export data to excel?”

The wetland determination forms is made up of many different components, so is a custom form.

The completed report can be exported to PDF.

The data in the Sheet component (in spreadsheet format) can be exported in CSV format, which is compatible with Excel.

Use iCMTGIS PRO to export Feature data to Excel file

“I have a client that uses the Arrow 100 device connected to his Laptop computer. I was inquiring about capturing lat/long coordinates in Excel and they sent me to you and your software. My client records thousands of coordinates and loads them 1 by 1 into an Excel spreadsheet along with some other data. The ideal process we would like to set up is to have each measurement captured in real time by the device uploaded into Excel immediately. Is there a way to accomplish this with your software?”

iCMTGIS III and iCMTGIS PRO will let you record additional information with each GPS position in real time and save it to a Job file. When done collecting data for a bunch of points, you can export all the data to an Excel file. It does not save each record directly to Excel in real time. For Point Features, you can also export the data to a text file.

How to use iCMTGIS PRO to collect the points I require and then export the X, Y and Z data in a spread sheet?

1. Make sure your Arrow device is paired and connected with your iPhone/iPad as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Under Setup – GPS mark the check box for Enable the external GPS, select the EOS GNSS receiver and use the protocol named com.eos-gnss.positioningsource.

Setup the threshold values accordingly (PDOP, RMS, etc) based on required accuracy.

Tap on the GPS icon at the top and select Turn GPS On. This will connect the app to the GPS receiver.

When prompted, select “Allow”.

3. Tap on the Topic Menu icon at the top and select New Topic.
Change the Topic Name to “GCP” for example.

Tap the Add button and change the Field Name to Control Number.
Tap the Add button then tap the little pull down arrow and select Position_X.

Tap the Add button then tap the little pull down arrow and select Position_Y.

Tap the Add button then tap the little pull down arrow and select Elev_Z.

Tap on OK.

4. Tap on the GPS icon at the top and select Collect.

5. Tap on the New button then tap on the little pull-down arrow and select your Topic Name (e.g. GCP).

6. The longer you occupy a station, the better the accuracy of the averaged position. Default is 20 seconds. This means you will stay at that location for 20 seconds without moving the GPS receiver.
Tap on OK.

7. Double-tap the Control Number field and enter the GCP number.

8. Tap the Store button. The app will start collecting GPS fixes.
At the end of the session it will store the point location.

9. Go to the next GCP and Tap the Store button to record that point.

10. When done recording all the points, tap the Exit button.

Tap the right-most icon at the top to display Sheet View.
This is the data you will be able to export.

Tap on Main Menu and select Job then select Export.
Select the Excel file format.

If you would like to export data to a text file, then tap the Topic Menu icon at the top then select Export Text File.

Tap the Export Preview button to see what you will be getting in the text file. Tap on OK to complete the export.

Farming GPS GIS III updated to version 1.0.1

This update fixes a bug found in the Export Excel file function.

Forester GPS GIS III updated to version 1.0.1

This update fixes a bug found in the Export Excel file function.

iCMTGIS III now supports iPhone mode

We are pleased to announce the release of iCMTGIS III version 1.1.0.
This update has an Export to Excel file bug fixed.
It also provides support for universal devices. Now you should be able to run this app on your iPad as well as on your iPhone.