How do I label a point shape with its name?

A number of our apps provide the Auto Label function.

Please tap the Topic View icon (the second icon from the right side) then select the Point Topic of interest.

Now tap the Topic Menu icon (the second icon from the left side) then select the Auto Label function and use it to label all the points on the selected Topic layer with the Topic Name and Feature ID.

If you have Attributes defined for the selected Point Topic, you could select those as well for labeling the points.

If you add another Attribute later, then please first delete the existing labels then redo the Auto Label.

If you add a new Feature to the same Topic layer, then please execute the Auto Label again to update the labels.


How do I get acreage and Feature ID labels to show up for all of my area features?

The iCMTGIS III, iCMTGIS PRO, Forester GPS GIS II/III, Farming GPS GIS II/III and Utility Data Collection apps provide the Auto Label function on the Topic menu as well as the ability to add acreage as an attribute for a Feature Topic.

First, turn on Topic View and tap on the Topic of interest to highlight it.

Tap on the Topic Menu and select Edit Topic. Tap the Add button and select the built-in Area_Acres attribute from the drop-down list. Tap on OK.

Now tap on the Topic Menu and select “Auto Label“.

In the Auto Label screen mark the “Feature ID” check box and the check box for Area_Acreas in the Attribute List. Tap on OK.

The labels should show up in Map View.

I am bringing in shape files with a few attributes and can’t for the life of me figure out how to display the attribute as a label.

The shapes in Shapefiles are imported as Features grouped under Feature Topics. The Auto Label function will let you label all the Features in a Feature Topic.

First, tap the Topic View icon to turn on Topic View and select the Topic you wish to label.  On iCMTGIS II, Topic View is the next to the last icon from the top right side. On iGPSGIS II, Topic View is the last icon at the top.

This makes that Topic active.

Then tap on the Topic Menu icon and select Auto Label. Select the Attributes of interest. On iCMTGIS II, Topic Menu is the second icon from the left side. On iGPSGIS II,tap Main Menu then, Topic then select Auto Label.

Set the font size and color then tap OK.

You may tap on a displayed label and move it around in Map View.

How do I get the Feature Labels to display?

If you have used Topic/Auto Label in PC-GIS, PC-GPS or PC-MAPPER to label the Features with Feature ID and Attributes, then such labels will also be displayed in the job transferred to iGPSGIS and iCMTGIS.

You may change the font size, color and orientation of a label. To do so, tap on the label in Map View then tap the Feature Properties icon. Make the desired changes then tap the green checkmark at the top of the screen to confirm the new setup and exit the screen.