Tutorial for using Deed Calls Pro to enter multiple deeds in the same job file

MDC23“I’ve been researching Deed Call Pro for the ability to be able to plot multiple deeds on the same job and even after looking over the help file I can’t see it. This seems to be a problem that others have encountered and I have seen one answer that may make me understand it when looking thru the menu and sub menus but right now I can’t do that. I will purchase the app as it seems to be the best option in the end. It would be helpful if there were video tutorials or slide show with circles and arrows.”

Here you go – “How to Draw Multiple Deeds Using Deed Calls Pro

P.S. Even before we posted the video, same user reported, “I’m rocking it.  . . . Pretty painless once I decided to fork over the cash.”

The Create Deed Calls function in Farming GPS GIS II/III and Forester GPS GIS II/III work in the same way.




Plotting multiple deeds

“I have the Deed Calls Pro App for the Apple ipad. Is it possible to plot multiple deeds and place them adjacently next to each other? I am having trouble determining how create a new deed while still viewing a previous deed description. “

With Deed Calls Pro you can create multiple Features that represent the deed plots.  The Created Deed Calls function will create one single deed plot at a time. You can save the deed description in a file using a unique file name.

When you exit the function, the app will ask you if you wish to create a Feature. Answer “Yes”. Then an Area Feature will be created.
Tap on the Area Feature then tap on the Feature Properties icon.
Mark the Show Segment label check box to display the angles and distances.

Now, do not have any Area or Line Feature highlighted on the map.
Select Create Deed Calls to enter the First Node and deed calls for your next property. When you turn on the Snap to Node icon, you can pick an existing corner as the First Node. You can enter the deed call for a line segments that is shared by two properties.
When done entering the calls, again confirm to create the Area Feature then have the segment labels displayed.

This functionality is also provided by iCMTGIS III, Forester GPS GIS II/III and Farming GPS GIS II/III.