Issue with Feature ID when combining job data

“it happens that two colleagues work on the same project at the same time on two application and two different tablets. When I save their project I give them different names eg MNAR-108_1 MNAR_108_2. When I view them both at the same time on PC-GIS the numbers of the features are changed. I understand that it avoids duplicates, but how can I assemble projects while keeping the original feature numbers?”

Assume that the two colleagues working on the same project at the same time on two different tablets collect Features using the same Feature Topic name. For example, Colleague A records the position of a point, and the Feature ID is Point001. Colleague B records a different point, and the Feature ID is Point001. If you combine their jobs in PC-GIS, the Feature ID of the points imported last will be changed to avoid duplicates. To keep the original Feature IDs when you combine jobs, the two sets of Feature IDs must be different. If there are fewer than 100 points that each colleague will be recording, then one way is to have Colleague A record points starting from Point001, and have Colleague B record points starting from Point100. (Colleague B can change the Point001 automatically presented by the app to Point100 when he/she collects the first point. Then the app will automatically present Point101 as the next Feature ID.)

How to convert Garmin GPS waypoints for importing to Stakeout iCMT

Garmin can export waypoints in GPX format. Some of our apps, like iCMTGIS III and iCMTGIS PRO, can import and export data in GPX format. These and a number of our other apps, such as Stakeout iCMT, can import Shapefiles.

A software program is required to convert GPX files to Shapefiles. If you have our PC-GIS 9, PC-GIS X, PC-GPS 9 or PC-MAPPER 9 software program, you can import the GPX file then export the data as Shapefiles.

Otherwise, you could do the conversion by using some other software program, such as the one at the following link.

Windows 7 issue – Program won’t run.

“I successfully downloaded and installed PC-GIS 09. However my Windows 7 PC will not execute the software program.”

This problem is due to the Windows 7 security setup. You can resolve it as follows:

First, uninstall PC-GIS 09 by using Windows – Control Panel – Programs – Uninstall Program.

Then right-click on PCGIS9WEB.exe and select “Run as administrator“. When Windows 7 informs you that PC-GIS is trying to make changes to the system and do you want to execute it, in that pop-up window there is a link to change the security level. Please change it to 0 (zero) then select Yes. The installation should go through and the program should run.

Same for installing PC-GIS X and our other PC application software programs.

Will PC-GIS 09 work with Windows 10?

Yes, our current PC application software programs work on a PC running Microsoft Windows 10.

Special promotion for PC-GIS PRO ends

The special $231 promotion price for PC-GIS PRO version 09 and version X that we have been offering to our iOS app users ends today. The list price for downloading a PC-GIS PRO license is $385.

If you are in the process of purchasing PC-GIS PRO at the $231 special price, the special price will still be honored.

If you will be purchasing multiple licenses of PC-GIS PRO for your organization, please contact to request a discount on the additional licenses.

Special Promotion of PC-GIS Mapping Software

It’s good news for users, especially those in developing countries, that nowadays owners of an iPhone or an iPad fitted with GPS can achieve a software solution for their GPS/GIS jobs for just a few hundred dollars.  Such a solution might consist of the PC-GIS mapping software plus an iOS app like the iCMTGIS II, iGPSGIS II, Farming GPS GIS or Forester GPS GIS.

We understand that every dollar counts for an individual user, an independent consultant, or a small woodland or farming operation. Therefore, we are offering the PC-GIS software at a special price for users of the CMTINC.COM iOS apps. This promotion will run until the end of 2013.

Currently, iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II are paired with PC-GIS PRO 09.

The previous Farming GPS GIS 1.0.0 and Forester GPS GIS 1.0.0 also work with PC-GIS PRO 09.

For the latest  Farming GPS GIS 1.0.1 and Forester GPS GIS 1.0.1, we have just released PC-GIS X, which uses file formats that are compatible with these updated software apps. PC-GIS X provides all the functionality of PC-GIS PRO 09. It has been enhanced to include a Deed Calls function as well as the “Activate Pattern” option for the user-defined Feature List.

If you own one of our iOS apps and wish to purchase PC-GIS, please email your inquiry to

9/11/14 Edit: The special promotion of PC-GIS software has officially ended as of 9/11/14 and the 40% discount no longer applies.  The list price for downloading a PC-GIS PRO license is $385. If you will be purchasing multiple licenses of PC-GIS PRO for your organization, please contact to request a discount on the additional licenses.


Will I need to buy any other software in order to use the field data on my PC?

CMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II are apps for data collection. You can use them to record Attribute data for GPS Features or to digitized Points, Lines and Areas. You can import and export Shapefiles.  They display the built-in Apple Map as background map. You can view the recorded position and attribute data on the CMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II. You can also measure distances and areas.

The collected data will usually go into a back-end program on your desk-top computer for further processing, analysis, and printing a map. Some users export the data in Shapefile format to be used with an ESRI mapping program. Some users purchase the PC-GIS 09 software program for the same purpose and at a much lower price.

PC-GIS 09 is a mapping program that can work with field data collected using a Windows Mobile PDA, an iPad, an iPhone, or a CMT GPS data collector running a CMT GPS/GIS data collection software program. It can accept Shapefiles output by other software programs. It can also let you capture a geo-referenced Google Earth image to use as the background map. It provides other functions such as digitizing and the ability to join Points into Lines or Areas, or disconnect Lines and Areas into Points. It can also be used to set up user-defined coordinate systems, or to prepare background images for off-line use with iCMTGIS-II or iGPSGIS II. In addition, PC-GIS PRO will let you print a map that includes acreage, Feature Attributes and a Feature classification key.

We provide a complimentary one-year CMT GIS Training software license with your purchase of the PC-GIS 09 software license. This is a voice-based training program that shows you the process of collecting field data as well as completing and printing a map of your project.