Can a report sheet be edited outside of Wetland – Stakeout?

“Can the report sheets only be edited within the app or can they be exported in a format that can then be edited on a computer?”

The exported PDF reports can be edited by using a PDF editor, such as the Adobe Acrobat.

If you wish to change the report form layout, you can use the Design Report function provided by the app. Please save the report form under a different name before starting to change it. In case something goes wrong, you will still have the original report form intact.


Can data be exported to Excel from the Wetland – Stakeout app?

“I understand that the Wetland Stakeout App can export determination or custom forms to PDF, but can the App export data to excel?”

The wetland determination forms is made up of many different components, so is a custom form.

The completed report can be exported to PDF.

The data in the Sheet component (in spreadsheet format) can be exported in CSV format, which is compatible with Excel.

Does the Wetland – Stakeout app use the current wetland plants national list for the indicator status?

“Good morning, I was interested in looking in to the wetland stakeout app and I have a few questions.
1. Does the app use the current wetland plants national list for the indicator status?
2. If you do use the above list does it update automatically?
3. After the delineations and the forms are complete, are we able to download the forms as an excel file or PDF?
4. Can you offer a 30 day free trial?”

1. The app will let you import a plant list with the indicator status so it can automatically populate the Indicator field when user enters a Species name. You do not need to import the entire list for your Region, but can tailor the list for your local application. You can use Excel to help prepare your plant list.

2. The plant list changes periodically. This is one of the reasons we do not include them in our app. Another reason is that it takes up too much memory space to include the plant lists for all the regions.

3. The app will let you export the completed form in PDF format. You can keep the Job file on the iPad for future editing. You will create a new Job file for each report form if you want to retain the Job data on the iPad. The Job files can be copied to your PC for safekeeping.

4. We currently have a TestFlight version that you can try. We have added you as a tester for this app. You will receive an invitation from Apple to try this app. The test period will end in about four weeks.

Is it possible to load a PDF to view in iCMTGIS III?

Yes, you can use iCMTGIS III to load a PDF file to view. A number of our other apps (such as Forester GPS GIS II/III and Farming GPS GIS II/III, Wetland – Stakeout, Deed Calls & Stakeout, Partition & Stakeout, Utility Data Collection, Stakeout iCMT) also provide this capability.

First, copy the PDF files from your PC to the Documents folder of the iCMTGIS III app (e.g. via iTunes).
To view a PDF file within the iCMTGIS III app:

1. In iCMTGIS III, open a job that contains some Features.

2. Select Menu/Job/Export/Export to PDF.

3. Tap on the View File check box.

4. Select the PDF file you wish to view.

Can your apps work with off-line maps?

iGPSGIS II, iCMTGIS II, iCMTGIS III, Utility Data Collection, Forester GPS GIS II, Forester GPS GIS II, Forester GPS GIS III, Farming GPS GIS, Farming GPS GIS II and Farming GPS GIS III provide the ability to load .pim maps as background maps. You can use PC-GIS PRO to prepare the .pim maps from geo-referenced raster images, then copy them to the Documents folder for the app via iTunes.

In addition, iCMTGIS III, Forester GPS GIS III and Farming GPS GIS III will let you load geotiff (*.tif) files as off-line background maps. Copy these files to the Documents folder for the app via iTunes.

The .tif and .pim maps do not need wi-fi connection to work.

Before loading a .pim or .tif map, select the coordinate system in which the map was saved.

The .pim and .tif background images can be exported to PDF along with the map Features. They will also work in the moving map mode.

No background map in exported PDF?

Some of you may have noticed that when the Features are exported to a PDF file, the background image that was displayed in Map View does not show up in the PDF file.

There are a few different types of background maps employed by our mobile apps.

1) Apple Map

The Apple Map comes standard with most of our iOS apps. It is available whenever wi-fi is available. The Apple Map cannot be output to a PDF file. You could, however, use your iOS device to capture a snapshot of the displayed map and obtain a photo file. Then you could use a program (such as Microsoft Word) to insert the photo into a document then print to a PDF file.

2) Portable CMT Background Image (*.pim)

The .pim files are the Portable Image files for use as off-line maps in our iPad, iPhone and Windows Mobile apps. You will need to use the optional CMT PC mapping software program to create the .PIM files from geo-referenced geotiff, geojpeg, MRSID, ECW and captured Google Earth map images. You will be able to select just a small portion of the map that you need to make a .pim file for use on your mobile device.

The Utility Data Collection, Farming GPS GIS , Forester GPS GIS, Farming GPS GIS II and Forester GPS GIS II apps are able to output the displayed .pim background map to PDF.

3) CMT Job map (*.pmp)

Some of our iOS apps (such as iCMTGIS II, iGPSGIS II and Utility Data Collection) also provide a Map option under the Background Map function. You can use this option to load the image of an existing job map (*.pmp) to use as the background map for another job. The Utility Data Collection app can output the .pbm map to PDF.

4) Portable CMT Basemap (*.pbm)
The CMT Basemaps are only available for the counties in the USA. You will need to use the optional CMT PC mapping software to load the CMT Basemaps and prepare the .pbm registered images. iCMTGIS II, iGPSGIS II and Utility Data Collection provide the ability to display the .pbm maps. Utility Data Collection can output the .pbm map to PDF.