Deed Calls Pro for iPad released


You asked for it. You got it.

A number of users of the Deed Calls – Area – Perimeter tool app wanted an app that provides the deed plot functionality as well as the following capabilities:

  1. Ability to rotate the deed plot to align with the background map.
  2. Ability to select a coordinate system other than the Lat-Lon-Altitude system.
  3. Ability to adjust the deed plot using the Compass Rule or the Transit Rule.
  4. Ability to have multiple Features created on the map.
  5. Ability to attach photos to a Feature.

In response we have released the Deed Calls Pro for iPad, which provides these features plus many additional useful functions. The Deed Calls – Area – Perimeter tool app will continue to be available for users who just need to make a basic deed plot by entering distances and angles.

Deed Calls Pro will let you import shapes from Shapefiles and DXF files. It can turn a set of deed calls into a Line or Area Feature on the job map. You may have multiple Features created on the same job map.

For an existing Line or Area Feature on the job map, the app can create a set of deed calls that can be saved into a text file.

To showcase your property, you may attach one or more photos to the Features.

Deed Calls Pro will also let you digitize Point, Line and Area Features. No matter which method was used for creating an Area Feature, the Area Feature may be subdivided into smaller areas. The app also provides a function to combine adjacent areas into a larger area.

You can obtain a PDF report containing all the Features on the job map, or a PDF report containing a deed plot and the associated deed calls. If you have loaded a background map or basemap created via the optional PC-GIS, that background map can also be output to the PDF file along with the deed plot. You may send the PDF file and the Deed Calls File (*.dcf) via email. This app also supports DXF export and cloud storage.

The Deed Calls Pro app is compatible with the optional PC-GIS X mapping software. Following is a list of what you can do with this app:

* Create deed plot from distance and angle data entry
* Create deed plot from a text file
* Import Shapefile
* Enter data in various units, including rods and chains
* Label segments, areas and corners
* Apply Compass Rule and Transit Rule adjustment
* Specify deed plot orientation angle
* Convert deed plot to Feature
* Attach photos to Feature
* Digitize Points, Lines and Areas
* Measure Areas and Distances
* Select Coordinate System
* Load .PIM registered image as background map
* Load .PBM CMT Basemap as background map
* Save data to .pmp job file
* Import and export Feature data in DXF format
* Create Buffer Area
* Divide an Area
* Combine Areas
* Output deed plot and CMT background map to PDF
* Send out the job data, PDF, DXF and Deed Calls files via email
* Store files in Cloud storage

Deed Calls Pro is now available at the iTunes App Store.

Deed Calls – Area – Perimeter app now available

The Deed Calls – Area – Perimeter app is now available at the Apple iTunes store. This is a universal app that will work with iPAD, iPhone and iPod touch.

This app will let you enter angles and distances and display the resultant boundary plot. It will label each line segment with its length and bearing (or azimuth). It will also label the arc segments with the relevant parameters. The Summary screen will display the completed figure, its area, its perimeter, as well as the closure error. If you are unsure about the last line segment, you may choose the Auto-close option and have the figure closed automatically.

If your device is equipped with GPS, you may pick the GPS position as the point of beginning. You may also enter the actual coordinates of the initial node. In these cases, the app can display the deed plot on top of the built-in Map. If you just want to get a quick plot and don’t care about the location of the property, you could start the plot from any random spot.

You can obtain a PDF report containing the map drawing and the deed calls data. You may also save the Deed Calls File (*.dcf) and send it out via email. A friend in need is a friend indeed. The easy-to-use Deed Calls – Area -Perimeter app might just become your friend in “deed”.

To purchase the Deed Calls – Area – Perimeter app via iTunes, please click this link.