Can I use Grid & Stakeout on my iPhone to adjust the property boundary?

The Grid & Stakeout app will let you manually digitize points and areas over the built-in Apple Map, but not lines. It will let you create grid points and/or grid lines over an Area Feature.

You can use the Stakeout functions and the GPS on your iPhone to help guide you to each grid point. However, the GPS on your iPhone is not quite accurate. Please read our blog article at:

When you find the stake at a corner, you could use the Pick GPS function to create a point at that spot. If you are using a Stakeout function to get to the stake location, then you can use the Save Result tool to store the new stake point. Then you could use the Move Node function in the “Snap to Node” mode to move a node on the Area Feature to the new location.

Our iCMTGIS III and iCMTGIS PRO apps will also let you insert new nodes into a Line or Area Feature, thus enabling you to make detailed adjustments to an irregularly shaped property.

Stakeout iCMT for trailblazing

“I’m wondering if your software has the capability to allow a user to navigate to a location based on a set of coordinates. . . . The problem is that ArcPad is not designed to allow users to navigate to a set of points and I cant find anything else that will easily allow a user to do this, either. Through internet research, I discovered a reference to your iPhone app Stakeout iCMT. Before I recommend a purchase for this, could you tell me some more about the product? Will it show the tractor driver the location of the next point in our shapefile so that he would see distance and direction to get within 10-15 feet of that point? Please note the driver will NOT have to collect any data in the field he is merely using the program to show him how to drive the tractor in order to create a walking trail (which is NOT a straight line) through dense terrain.”

Stakeout iCMT will allow a user to navigate to a location based on a set of coordinates. It can also help the user to stay on course on a design line.

Stakeout iCMT can be used on an iPhone or an iPad. The iOS devices do not provide good GPS accuracies. You could use an external Bluetooth GPS receiver that is compatible with iPhone or iPad, such as a Bad Elf GPS or a Dual XGPS-150A, which claim 1-3 meters accuracy. There are more accurate GPS receivers available, which cost much more.

Stakeout iCMT is probably the least expensive but really powerful software solution for your task at hand. You can import your Shapefiles then use Stakeout iCMT in one of the following ways:

1. If you want the driver to go from one design point to the next, then create a Line Feature by using Add Line Manually and snapping to the points in the desired order. Then use Line Stakeout to go from one node to the next on the line shape.
You can set the distance tolerance for the app to notify you when you get within that distance from the current target point.

2. You could import the Line shape for the desired path through the woods. Then you would use the Line Stakeout function and let the app help you stay close to the line all the time. The Line Stakeout function will display your distance to the line all the time. And if you set a distance tolerance, then the app can keep on beeping as long as you are within the tolerance distance from the line.

We also have several other apps that incorporate the Stakeout functions along with other functionality.

Use Stakeout function to find points

“I am looking for a basic Iphone App that will help me find longitude and latitude points on a lot in Mexico. I have the longitude and latitude points. I believe your App can help me draw a map in my phone, then I will be able to find those points in the field. “

Yes, we have several apps that provide the function to locate points with known coordinates. You can use the Stakeout iCMT app to digitize Points, Lines and Areas in a job map over the built-in Apple Satellite map.

The Add Point by Coordinates function will let you create a point by entering its coordinates. The Point Stakeout function can help you get to the points. You can set it up to beep or display a message when you get close to each point.

Please keep in mind that the iPhone GPS is not quite accurate. You will need to use a high-accuracy survey-grade GPS for doing engineering or survey work.

Meaning of symbols in the stakeout screens

A Deed Calls & Stakeout user wondered about the meaning of the colored arrrows and circles in the stakeout screens.

The large arrow in the GPS marker indicating your current position will be a gray color when your speed is very slow (e.g. less than 1 m/s). The arrow will change to a red color when your speed is above 1 m/s. The direction of the arrow indicates your current direction.

In a stakeout screen, an indicator showing the direction to reach the target is overlaid on top of your current position and is shown as a blue triangle. To reach the target, start moving in the direction of the target so the red arrow aligns with the blue arrow. Alternatively, follow the direction displayed by the app, e.g. Go N: 15.500 E: 20.450 ft. It goes without saying that, if you are driving, please stay on the road. 🙂

On the point stake out or line stake out do we have to use the Antenna height if we don’t know what it is?

If you are only concerned with the horizontal position, the antenna height does not come into play. In any case, GIS-grade GPS receivers do not provide good accuracy in the vertical direction.

Unless your GPS system uses an external antenna, the antenna height is the distance from your GPS receiver to the ground. As the position is recorded at the GPS receiver, if you enter an antenna height, this value will be subtracted from the recorded elevation to bring it down to the ground level.

Use Deed Calls function to locate corner pins

“I have an acreage of a little over 2 acres. It has been surveyed but I have only been able to locate one corner pin, the point of beginning of the legal description. The acreage is rectangular with four sides and only four calls. I have input the four calls. Using GPS, can I use this to walk off the perimeter and locate the other three corner pins by starting at the corner pin which is the point of beginning? If so, how?”

The Create Deed Calls functionality is provided by the Deed Calls – Area – perimeter, Deed Calls & Stakeout, Farming GPS GIS (II/III), Forester GPS GIS (II/III) and iCMTGIS III.

With any of the above-mentioned apps, you could stand at the point of beginning then move the deed plot to align with the actual point of beginning. You can do so by tapping the Pick GPS icon on the Feature Info page. Of course, the accuracy of the point recorded this way will depend on the accuracy of your GPS receiver.

Now that the deed plot is placed in the correct location, you could view your position as indicated by the GPS marker (with GPS turned on) and walk to the other corners on the deed plot to look for the pins. Some of our apps also provide the Point Stakeout function, which could help guide you to each target node.

Will Partition & Stakeout for iPhone help keep me on my property?

” . . . . . , need to cleanup the land of fallen trees. It’s to make forest fires less likely. I know where my property stakes are, but they are not easy to find, or keep track of. There is no line of sight to the other property stakes because of the tree’s and mountainous nature of the property. I don’t have the coordinate information, and I would probably have to talk to the county to get it. That seems like a lot of effort, considering I can find the property stakes. I want to know if the Partition and Stakeout for iphone will help keep me on my property. I would be without internet access on the property. “

If you have the Latitude-Longitude coordinate information for a stake, you can enter them into the Partition & Stakeout app to create a Point Feature.

Alternatively, if you will be able to visit each stake, you could stand at each stake and use the Pick GPS function to record an approximate location for the stake using Partition & Stakeout on your iPhone.

After you have created the points for the stakes, then you can use the Stakeout function to help you revisit each stake. Once the points have been created for the stakes, they are easy to keep track of.

You do not need Internet access to use the GPS on your iPhone. The display of the points representing the stake locations are also independent of Internet access.

Generally you will need Internet access to use the Apple Map as a background map. However, while you are in your office with Internet access, you may be able to zoom into the area in which you will be working and have the Map cached for use while you are out there.

If you are able to identify the approximate property boundary on the background Map, then while you are in the office with Internet access, you could digitize it. (See  video at The display of the Area Feature does not require Internet access. Therefore, you could use this as an approximate background reference while you try to locate the stakes.

Please note that the accuracy of the GPS in your iPhone determines the location accuracy of the point you get by using Pick GPS. If you need to be absolutely sure that you are not cutting any tree outside your property, it’s best to use a rope to fence it out after you have found the stakes. Alternatively, you could use a really accurate GPS receiver that is compatible with the iPhone, but that will be an expensive solution.

I have the LAT-LON coordinates of the four corners of a piece of rectangle-shaped property. Will Partition & Stakeout let me place the four corners in the app and help me get to them on the property?

Yes, you can use the Add Point by Coordinates function to add the LAT-LON coordinates of each point into the app. Make sure you enter the North, South, East and West designations correctly. Otherwise the points will end up in unexpected places in the world.
After the points have been created, you can use Point Stakeout to help you approach each point. Or, you could use the Add Area Manually function to form an Area Feature that represents the property then use the Line Stakeout function to help you walk along the boundary of the property.

I just bought Stakeout ICMT and I cannot clear all the survey points, or better yet, start over.

How many survey points do you have? If not too many, you can tap on each point then select Delete Feature on the Tools Menu to delete it.

To start over, you can create a new Job file. If you wish to use the original job name, then open the original job and use SAVE AS to save it under some other name. Then you can create a new file using the original job name.

If you wish to delete an old job file, please connect to iTunes, select your device in Tunes then select the Apps function. Then you can scroll down to the Documents folder for Stakeout iCMT and select a job file to delete it. Please keep in mind that a deleted job cannot be recovered.

Via iTunes you can save a copy of your job files to your PC or move a previously saved file to your iOS device.

Questions about the Deed Calls & Stakeout app for iPhone and iPad

“I’m wondering if your Deed calls and stakeout app can be used to enter the deed calls in the office, then travel to the site to establish the starting point with the phone’s GPS? Also, do the deed calls have to entered directly into the app or can it import a text file? Finally, once the deed plot is established in the app, is there a way it can be imported and viewed in Google Earth.”

1. The Deed Calls & Stakeout app can help you stake out each node on the deed plot created by entering the deed calls in the office. iPhone’s GPS does not provide high accuracy. Some external Bluetooth GPS receivers, such as the Dual XGPS 150A, Garmin Glo and Bad Elf Pro claim 1-3 m accuracy. Higher accuracy ones like iSXBlue II GNSS and EOS Arrow are in the high price range.

2. Deed Calls & Stakeout can open a .dcf file. The deed calls you enter into the app are saved in a .dcf file, which is a text file that can be viewed and edited. Therefore, you can follow the same format to prepare a deed calls file for this app to open. Make sure the angle and distance unit settings in the app match those used by the deed calls.

3. Deed Calls & Stakeout does not provide KML export. It will export to DXF, which can be converted to KML. For details please see our blog article at this link.

Economical tool for working with grid sample points on iPhone & iPad

“I need a utility to overlay timber cruising grid sample points over aerial maps and then be able to navigate to each one. Can this app do this on my iPhone? Will it work without good cell signal? If there is a better option, let me know, just trying to be most economical.”

This question was submitted as an inquiry into the Deed Calls – Area – Perimeter app.

The Deed Calls – Area – Perimeter app for iPhone and iPad will let you create an area by entering the angles and directions for a deed plot, but it does not provide the function for creating the grid points.

The Grid & Stakeout app for iPhone and iPad will let you digitize an area over the displayed Apple Maps for your timber stands. It will let you create the cruising grid sample points over the timber stand and help you navigate to each cruising point.

Forester GPS GIS provides all of the above functions plus the ability to import Shapefiles and divide and combine areas. However, it is for use on an iPad.

The Apple Map can be displayed only when wi-fi is available. However, once you have added the stand boundary and created the grid points, those features will display independent of wi-fi availability.

Stakeout iCMT 1.0.3 update

Stakeout iCMT Version 1.0.3 fixes the following bugs in Version 1.0.2:
PDF Print icon not working on iPad.
On iPhone a blank toolbar is displayed when you load a PMP file from email.

Deed Calls & Stakeout updated for iOS 8 compatibility

“I have been using deed calls stakeout for about 2 weeks . I
carefully looked into several apps prior to purchasing your app. I
need it to help me find boundary locations for a 40 acre home we
just purchased. I found several pins and drill holes in stone walls
and was very happy with you app until the ISO 8 update . I am
running the app on an I phone 5 and after the update I attempt to
open the app and it flashes for a second then crashes and closes.
Please fix this ASAP. I have not finished marking my boundaries and
need the help of this app.”

We are pleased to inform you that Deed Calls & Stakeout 1.0.4 has been updated for iOS 8 compatibility and is now available for download from the Apple App Store.

Stakeout iCMT updated for iOS 8 compatibility

Stakeout iCMT Version 1.0.2 has been released. This update fixes the iOS 8 compatibility issue.

If you have updated your device with iOS 8 and are unable to run Stakeout iCMT Version 1.0.1, please download Stakeout iCMT Version 1.0.2.

Deed Calls – Grid – Stakeout app for iPad and iPhone released


Some iPhone users do not need all the functions provided by the Farming GPS GIS or the Forester GPS GIS apps for iPad, but are mainly interested in generating a stand boundary based on deed calls, creating a sampling grid and then locating the sampling points.

We are pleased to announce the release of Deed Calls – Grid – Stakeout 1.0.0 app, which fulfills this request.

As the name indicates, Deed Calls – Grid – Stakeout provides the ability to enter deed calls to create a deed plot. A deed plot of Area Type can be converted into an Area Feature, over which you can create grid points or grid lines. Then you can use the Point Stakeout function to help you approach each grid point. Or, you can use the Line Stakeout function to help you walk the boundary of the land plot.

A preview of the Deed Calls – Grid – Stakeout app is available at the App Store.