Symbol used for representing recorded GPS Features

A customer reported that he had collected a number of points using iCMTGIS Pro and Arrow 100. Although the Topic in his Feature List have specific symbols assigned to them, the recorded points were displayed using the default blue dot symbol.

We have determined that this is a software bug in some of our apps. We will work on fixing this issue. In the mean time, you can click the “Pattern” button to select the desired symbol before storing data.

In the iCMT III application, is it possible for the id to appear in a column when exporting in .shp?

Yes, the Feature ID is a built-in Attribute that you can add to a Topic.

So, make the Topic active, then go to Topic Menu – Edit Topic then tap on the Add button. Tap on the little “down arrow” then scroll down to select Feature_ID.

“Ok perfect. Is it possible to integrate the Feature ID in a pre-register feature list? To clarify the question: In the PC-GIS software can I integrate the feature ID to my list?

This is an excellent idea. You can use PC-GIS X or iCMTGIS III (or iCMTGIS PRO) to add the Feature ID to the Feature List, which can be shared by multiple Jobs.

In the Feature List first select the Feature Topic of interest, then add the Attribute named “Feature_ID“.

Then, with the Feature List selected for a Job, whenever you collect GPS Feature for that Topic, its Feature ID will be displayed in the Feature_ID column of Sheet View. The Features that you digitize will also show the Feature ID in Sheet View.

If you use PC-GIS X to create the Feature List, you can copyit to your iPhone or iPad for use with the iCMTGIS III or iCMTGIS PRO.

Forester GPS GIS III updated to 1.0.4

For this update we made the following changes:

1. Automatically save the Job after user adds a new Feature.

2. Changed Document Configuration to allow users to open a .pmp Job file from email in two different ways.

If your device is running iOS 11 or later, you can use one of the following two methods to access the job file.

I. Tap on the job file in the email then tap on Save to Files.
Select the Forester GPS GIS III app folder then tap on “Add“.
You can now run Forester GPS GIS III and open that job file.

II. Tap on the job file in the email then tap on the Forester GPS GIS III icon.
The job will open in the app. However, this is a temporary copy.
Select Job – Save As to save the job with a File Name.
Then you will be able to work with that job as usual.

If your device is running an older version of iOS, then you can still use the above method II to get the job file.

3. When collecting GPS data, if you have set a default value for a Feature Attribute, the Value field for the first Feature is not auto-filled with the default value. It only works properly for the other Features recorded for the same Topic Layer. This bug has been fixed.

Is it possible to copy the Feature Topics from one Job to another?

“Can you tell me how to copy old job features list to a new job? This would make my job lot easier if I could copy an old job features list into a new job. I have look several days and asked others and not found this feature using the I-pad running ICMTGIS program.”

1. The Feature List can be shared by many jobs.

To use an existing Feature List in a new job, select Job – Current Job. In the screen that shows up, tap the little pull-down arrow for the Feature List box. Select the desired Feature List to associate with this new Job.

2. If by features list you mean the Feature Topics in a Job, then to have the same Feature Topics in each new Job, you can do the following:

Create the Feature Topics in a master Job and name the Job something like Master1.

Use Save As to save the Master1 Job to a new Job name. Now the new Job has the same Feature Topics as Master1.

Do the same to create any other new Jobs.

How do I import same Feature List for iCMTGIS PRO app on both iPhone and iPad?

If you are running iOS 11 or later on your devices, you could use the Files app on your device to manage your files.

Suppose you have created a Feature List on your iPad device. You could email that Feature List to yourself.

When you open the email on the iPhone device, tap on the file then select the Files app icon. Now select the iCMTGIS PRO folder and tap the Add button to add the file to your iCMTGIS PRO app on the iPhone.

The same user who asked this question also asked whether there is a PC program that he could use to prepare a Feature List. We told him that he could use PC-GIS X to do so.

Question about Feature List setup in CMT iOS app

“What’s the Feature Lock function on the top right of the Feature Editor tab? You can check or uncheck that option and really not sure what is that about.”

When the “Feature Lock” check box is marked, you can only select from the Features defined in the Feature List. When unlocked, you can add a new Feature Topic on the fly to collect data for it.

Is there a video tutorial to show me how to set up a Feature List?

We’ve just uploaded a new video tutorial. Here you go: