Use iPhone app to update attributes in Shapefiles

“I’m just wondering if I could use my I-phone for my surveying? Would iGPSGIS II allow me to import a table in shapefile format, update alphanumeric attributes in the field and then export it back to my PC? From the descriptions of this software it looks like i can only view ()not edit) the attributes of imported files.”

Yes, iGPSGIS II will let you import points/lines/areas with attributes as Shapefiles, update the attributes then export them in Shapefiles.


Where can I find the Shapefiles on my ipad after they have been exported?

The Features in each Topic layer are exported to one set of Shapefiles. The exported Shapefiles are stored in the Documents folder for the app (e.g. Forester GPS GIS II, Farming GPS GIS II, iCMTGIS II, iGPSGIS II, Utility Data Collection).

Before exporting the Shapefiles, please check the iCloud setting in your app. If the checkbox for “Job” is marked, please unmark it. Otherwise the app will export the Shapefiles to iCloud storage instead of the local folder.

To get to the Documents Folder:
1. Sync your device with your PC/MAC via iTunes.
2. In iTunes select your device then select “Apps” . Scroll down to the Shared Documents section and select your CMT iOS application program.
3. You will see the files that are stored in the Documents folder for the app on your iPAD (or iPhone), including any Shapefiles files.
You can highlight the files you want to save to your PC then click the Save To button and select a folder on your PC to copy the files to that folder.

Remember to copy all the Shapefiles (*.shp, *.shx, *.prj, *.dbf) for each Topic.

iCMTGIS III, Farming GPS GIS III and Forester GPS GIS III will let you export the Shapefiles for a Topic to a sub-folder in the Documents folder, making it a bit easier to find all the files for a Topic in one place.

Shapefiles are not retaining Feature ID info

An iCMTGIS II user wrote that the Shapefiles exported from the iCMTGIS II app does not contain the Feature Ids so that he was unable to bring in the Feature ID labels using his external PC software.

The Shapefiles format does not provide for Feature IDs per se. The zero-based FID in Shapefiles are record IDs rather than Feature IDs. In other words, if you delete one of the Feature records, its FID will change.

The Feature IDs are assigned by our apps when you import Shapefiles into iCMTGIS II, iGPSGIS II, Utility Data Collection, Farming GPS GIS or Forester GPS GIS. You may label the Features with their Feature IDs. If you open Shapefiles in the PC-GIS software, the Feature IDs will be automatically assigned by the PC-GIS software. Like PC-GIS 09, the Utility Data Collection provides the Feature_ID as a built-in Attribute that you can add to any Topic.

If you are using some other PC software that accepts Shapefiles and is able to label the Features with their Attributes, you could add an Attribute field, such as ID_No, to your Topic layer in iCMTGIS II and enter the ID numbers via Sheet View. Then export to Shapefiles.

You could also add the ID_No Attribute to your Feature List so you may enter the ID while collecting the GPS data.

Another thing to note is that Shapefiles use the .DBF format to store Attributes/Values and the field width limit is 10 characters.