How to add the elevation attribute to Sheet View in iCMTGIS PRO

Displaying MSL in Sheet View

A customer in Canada wants to know how he can easily view the elevation values for the points he has recorded using iCMTGIS PRO. Ha has been calling up the Feature Properties screen for each Point Feature to look at the coordinates.

Here is our reply:

Please select one of your Point Topics.
Then tap on the Topic Menu and select Edit Topic.
Tap on the Add button and select the Elev_Z_m built-in Attribute.
Tap on OK.
Now when you turn on Sheet View, you will see the elevation for all the points in the Point Topic.

Similarly, you could add the X and Y Attributes to the Topic structure and have the X and Y values displayed for each Point Feature in Sheet View.


Which of your apps will let me select from a drop-down list in a table?

The Feature List facility in iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II will let you select an Attribute Value from a drop-down list while doing GPS mapping and data collection.

The Utility Data Collection, Farming GPS GIS II and Forester GPS GIS II apps provide a newer Feature List structure that can be used for GPS mapping/data collection as well as data attribution in the Sheet View table.

Farming GPS GIS and Forester GPS GIS do not provide the GPS Data Collection function but provide the new Feature List capability. This means that you can set up the Feature List with the frequently used descriptions and/or values for each Feature Topic. After you have added the Feature Topic from the Feature List to your job map and digitized some Features, you will be able to easily add a description to a Feature by selecting it from a drop-down list in the Sheet View table.

Coming soon is a form design app named Wetland – Stakeout. With this app, you will be able to design your own data collection sheet to record such things as the species, DBH and the number of log segments for each tree at a point. For each variable in the sheet, such as  the species, you can define a drop-down list.