Wetland – Stakeout app updated to 1.0.5

.In this release, we have addressed the bug reported by a user for the Rapid Test.
“The formula for the Rapid Test for Hydrophytic Vegetation appears to be incorrect. It seems to be ‘checking’ yes for situations in which the Rapid Test criteria has not been met.”

We have also adjusted the Enter Report Data and Design Report screens for iPAD Air devices (3rd generation and above) and iPad Pro devices with 10.5″ screen.


iCMTGIS PRO updated to version 1.1.0

iCMTGIS PRO 1.1.0 fixed the following two issues for the iPhone version:

1. Under Setup – GPS tapping the Datum tab produces a blank page.

2. On the Feature List screen for the active Feature, tapping the Attribute tab does not promptly display the Attribute page. One must first tap the screen once to get the Attributes displayed.

iGPSGIS II updated to version 1.1.5

iGPSGIS II 1.1.5 is now available for download from the Apple App Store.

In this app update the icons at the top are shifted so they won’t run into the controls on the iPhone X, iPhone R, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max devices.

Forester GPS GIS III updated to Release 1.0.3

In Forester GPS GIS III 1.0.3, we fixed an issue involving Location services permissions, which disabled GPS data collection using iPad devices running iOS 12.

We have also enhanced the text file import and export functions. Whereas text file import was limited to importing text files ending in .txt, now the user may choose the .txt or the .csv file name extension. For text file export, instead of exporting all of the Attributes for the Topic, the app now provides a dialog to let the user select specific Attributes to be exported.