GPS receivers with sub-meter real-time horizontal position accuracy

“I have purchased Stakeout iCMT Version1.0.4, installed on iPhone XR IOS13. Is it possible to get a gps receiver for iPhone that is accurate to a foot or two? or less?”

Listed below are a number of choices for iPhone-compatible sub-meter GPS/GNSS receivers:

Here is an article describing tests performed on a few Bluetooth GPS receivers.

App for helping to run a power line through forest

“Wondering if you have an iPhone app for an iPhone 7 that can help me mark a perfectly straight line through the forest. I need to mark and cut down 300 meters of forest 20 ft wide perfectly straight between two points to run a new power line.”

Yes, we have apps that can let you create a straight line between two points through the forest. However, the accuracy of your work is determined by the GPS receiver used.

Do you have the Latitudes and Longitudes for the two points that will serve as the starting and ending points? If not, then you will need to determine their GPS positions. Our GPS/GIS data collection apps provide functions to do so.

Our apps provide a function to let you draw the straight line between the two points. You could also use them to create the boundary lines for the swath you plan to cut.

The Line Stakeout function in our apps can display how far you are from a line. It can be set up to beep whenever you are within a specified distance from the line.

The GPS that comes with the iPhone devices are not accurate. Some users use an external Bluetooth GPS to pair with their iPhone or iPad device. The Bad Elf 2200 GPS Pro and Dual XGPS-150A claim 2 m – 5 m accuracy. Is this good enough for your application?

If you need to have sub-meter accuracy, then you will need to use a GPS receiver that provides that level of accuracy, such as the EOS Arrow 100 or the iSXBlue II.

Assuming you have the proper GPS receiver, then you could run iCMTGIS III on your iPhone to do the job.

GNSS receivers compared

When considering the purchase of a high-precision/accuracy GPS system, we check the hardware and software capabilities and, of course, also look at our budget. The article at the following link covers the testing and comparison of a number of GNSS receiver contenders in the market.

If you click on “Data Capture” under “Test Methods”, you will see that the iCMTGIS PRO app was used in the comparative test of the various sub-meter GNSS receivers.

You can find the iCMTGIS PRO press release at the following sites:



Is there a more accurate GPS receiver to use with your apps?

As you know, the built-in GPS of the iPhone and iPad with GPS are not quite accurate. It is adequate for helping you get to the vicinity of a target location or for mapping a large area to obtain the acreage. The next best thing to do is to connect the iPhone or iPad to a compatible external consumer-grade GPS device that provides 1-3 m or 3-5 m accuracy. The Dual XGPS150A, Garmin GLO GPS + GLONASS and Bad Elf Pro belong to this category.

To obtain sub-meter accuracy using your iPad or iPhone with our apps, such as iCMTGIS II, iGPSGIS II, Utility Data Collection, Farming GPS GIS, Forester GPS GIS, Stakeout iCMT, Deed Calls & Stakeout, etc., there is an iSXBlue GNSS supplied by Geneq Inc. that will work with these devices via Bluetooth connection though it is rather expensive.  Please click on this link to see the product description. (2015 Edit: EOS Arrow will also work with iOS devices.)