After the last app update, the text file export contains LLA instead of XYZ coordinates.

“I have your full license for ICMT Pro but after the latest update when I take my readings with the Arrow Gold and I sent the text file to me it is in coordinates and not decimal, i need the decimal format to use this data within Pix4D.”

Internally the app saves the position data in WGS84(1150) datum and LLA coordinate system. Your coordinate system settings determine how data is presented in Map View and Sheet View.

Please add the built-in Position_X, Position_Y and Elev_Z Attributes to your Point Topic by using Edit on the Topic menu. After switching to UTM, you should see X,Y,Z values in Sheet View, which you can export to a text file.

As mentioned in our 8/16/16 and 9/19/16 blog posts, you can save the app’s configuration file before an app update then restore the configuration afterwards. The configuration file name for iCMTGIS PRO is cmtgispro.cfg.


How to recover custom configuration after updating iCMTGIS III

“I’ve been puzzled by question that whereas iCMTGIS iii keeps its settings every time we updated it, a few settings have gone to the default (for us: Elevation and Angle, and Data Collection). Can we have:
1) The configuration not touched during update (unless configuration parameters changed);
2) Float number for the Local Time Offset in Data Collection?
Otherwise, the iCMTGIS-iii has been working fine.”

The settings for Elevation and Angle and Data Collection are saved in the file named “cmtgis3.cfg“.

After setting up the desired parameters, you can copy cmtgis.cfg to your PC for safekeeping.

After a software update, the app must go back to the default system configuration, but you can restore your custom configuration.

To do so, please first run the app and open a Job so you will be able to access the app’s Documents folder.

Then close the app by double-clicking the Home button and then flicking the app screen upward and out of sight.

Now copy your custom cmtgis3.cfg back to the app’s Documents folder to overwrite the default configuration file. You should see your custom settings for Elevation and Angle and Data Collection.