Utility Data Collection TestFlight version

We currently have a TestFlight version available for the Utility Data Collection app.

Besides GPS/GIS data collection functionality, this app also provides a meter reading user interface. You could use this app just for meter reading. Entering meter data is similar to entering GIS data. Each meter has a geographic location and the associated data.

If you would like to try the TestFlight version for a limited time, please send an email to support@cmtinc.com to request to be included in the temporary testers list of this app.



What’s the difference between Utility Data Collection and iCMTGIS II?

Both the Utility Data Collection app and the iCMTGIS II app provide GPS data collection functions. iCMTGIS II will let you record GPS data for the Features defined in the Feature List, or for a Feature that you add on the spot. Utility Data Collection will let you select any existing Feature Topic for recording GPS/GIS data. If the selected Feature Topic exists in the Feature List associated with the Job, the pre-defined data collection parameters will be used, although you can overwrite them if you wish. For a Feature Topic that does not exist in the Feature List associated with the Job, you can specify the desired data collection parameters, unless you just want to use the default settings.

Utility Data Collection does not provide the Create Grid function. However, it provides a number of newer functions. For example, it will let you attach photos to any Feature. It will let you sort the data records in Sheet View. You can also search the data records based on an Attribute. You can output the Feature data to a PDF file. Besides importing and exporting Shapefiles, it will also let you import and export Features in DXF format. You will also be able to import and export text files for Point Features.

Utility Data Collection has, of course, a few functions dedicated to meter reading data collection. There is a dedicated data input screen that takes you from record to record for sequential data entry. The app provides the option for you to display a route connecting discrete points. You can even have it highlight which points already have data recorded for them. In fact, these functions can be used to advantage for any general GPS/GIS data collection application as well.

Therefore, if you are considering purchasing the iCMTGIS II for GPS/GIS data collection, and you do not need the Create Grid function, you could consider getting the Utility Data Collection app instead.

Search function in iPad GPS mapping app

“I am researching various applications to use on an iPad for mapping, data collection and form entry. I came across your product on-line. The one feature I am having difficulty finding for many tablet mapping apps is a search feature. By this I mean , I if I have a shapefile for addresses or pole numbers on the map can I search for this information with your application and be zoomed to that location?”

Our UTILITY DATA COLLECTION app, which will be released very soon, provides GPS mapping and data collection functions plus form entry and search capability for Point Topics (poles, meters, houses with addresses, etc.).

The Read Meter and Search Meter Record functions in this app can be applied to any Point Topic.

There is a Zoom to Topic function. You can zoom to see all the Features on a Topic displayed on the map. The Feature corresponding to the record you select by pointing to it or that is the result of a search will be highlighted in the map.

Do I need to have GPS to use iCMTGIS?

If your iPAD has a built-in GPS, or if you are using an external GPS, then your current position can be displayed in Map View. When you record a Feature, its geographic location will be automatically recorded, and you can select the symbol to be used for the Feature as well as tag the Feature with Attributes.

Without GPS, you can still collect data by digitizing the Features on a background map or Shapefile. Default symbols will be used for digitizing Points, Lines and Areas. You may use the Feature Properties tool to assign a different symbol for the recorded Feature.

Unlike GPS data collection, you cannot perform feature attribution while digitizing the Features. However, if you have added one or more Attribute names for that Feature Topic, then you may enter attribute information for the digitized Features by using the Feature Properties tool (the icon showing a pair of spectacles).