Does the Wetland – Stakeout app use the current wetland plants national list for the indicator status?

“Good morning, I was interested in looking in to the wetland stakeout app and I have a few questions.
1. Does the app use the current wetland plants national list for the indicator status?
2. If you do use the above list does it update automatically?
3. After the delineations and the forms are complete, are we able to download the forms as an excel file or PDF?
4. Can you offer a 30 day free trial?”

1. The app will let you import a plant list with the indicator status so it can automatically populate the Indicator field when user enters a Species name. You do not need to import the entire list for your Region, but can tailor the list for your local application. You can use Excel to help prepare your plant list.

2. The plant list changes periodically. This is one of the reasons we do not include them in our app. Another reason is that it takes up too much memory space to include the plant lists for all the regions.

3. The app will let you export the completed form in PDF format. You can keep the Job file on the iPad for future editing. You will create a new Job file for each report form if you want to retain the Job data on the iPad. The Job files can be copied to your PC for safekeeping.

4. We currently have a TestFlight version that you can try. We have added you as a tester for this app. You will receive an invitation from Apple to try this app. The test period will end in about four weeks.


Wetland – Stakeout version 1.04 update (for iPad devices)

The Wetland – Stakeout version 1.0.4 has just been released.

This update adds the ability for the app to automatically populate the wetland Indicator field associated with the vegetation Species name that the user enters into the wetland data form. Instead of having to look up the Wetland Indicator Code each time the user enters the plant species, the user will prepare the plant lists in the proper format and import them once into the app. During data entry for a species in a stratum, the app will display the common name for the plant and automatically enter the Indicator Code. The app will also compute the result for certain fields in the wetland delineation data entry form.

A Note about the updated Wetland – Stakeout Report Form Templates

“I created a new job and opened up a wetland data form report template. In the new help PDF it states these entry forms have been enabled with a formula in the Indicator Field (I don’t see a formula there). When import my plant list the fields do not populate correctly and no indicator status populates.”

It sounds like you had an installation of Wetland – Stakeout before downloading the TestFlight version. If this is the case, then the templates are still the old ones. We have added the following information to the updated Help document with respect to how to “refresh” the wetland data entry form templates. If you have modified any of our sample report templates and wish to keep it, please make sure to rename it and also save a copy to your PC before proceeding.

To protect your report form templates, a Wetland – Stakeout app update will not overwrite any existing *.rtm files, including the sample report templates that we provide with the app. What to do if the sample report template files have been modified with an app update, as is the case with the version 1.0.4 update? How can you make use of the changed template files?

a) If you have not yet installed the updated app, first delete the existing sample *.rtm files or rename them. Then when you install the app, it will automatically copy the new sample template (*.rtm) files to the app’s Documents folder on the device.

b) If you have already installed the updated app, then there are a couple additional steps to take. First exit the app and delete or rename the existing sample template files. Then double-click the Home button and swipe the app screen up to close the app. Then hold down the ON/OFF button for a few seconds and opt to turn off the device. The next time you run the app, it will copy the new sample template (*.rtm) files to the device.

Automatically populate Indicator field in Wetland – Stakeout app

“I am still trying to work to find an easy way to add or update PLIST to automatically popup with the associated wetland indicator.”

Many users want the ability to have the wetland indicator field automatically filled in when they select a species name in the wetland data entry form. To save users the trouble of modifying the data entry form for the Indicator fields, we plan to build the formula into the Indicator fields and also add a default PLIST spreadsheet at the end of the form. This way, the user will just need to populate the PLIST with the species-indicator list that they normally work with in the job area. Please look for this new feature in a future update, which will take some time to implement.