We need a Basemap for YUMA county in Arizona, can you help?

Please download Basemap CD3.zip from

Please copy the entire “basemap” folder to the C: drive of your PC. In PC-GIS, select Utilities – Load/Change Basemap and specify the folder “c:\basemap”. You may then select from the listed counties for which to load the basemaps.

To see the basemap, select View/Basemap and make sure “Display Basemap” is checked. When “Display Basemap” is checked, whenever you open a job, the applicable basemap will be automatically loaded if the basemap resides in the c:\basemap folder of your PC.

You can use the Utilties – Mobile Device Interface/Conversion – CE Image Converter to convert all or part of the displayed Basemap to a .pim file for use in iCMTGIS II/III/PRO and iGPSGIS II, Forester GPSGIS II/III, Farming GPSGIS II/III and Utility Data Collection.


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