How to tell if an app is using Location Services?

The Location Services is shared by the iOS system and all the installed apps.

To check which apps are using the Location Service, please call up Settings\Privacy\Location Services. On the right side of the list of apps look for an arrow mark.

If an app name has a purple arrow mark on the right side, it is actively using the Location Services.

A gray arrow indicates that an app has used the Location Services within the last 24 hours.

iCMTGIS II closes after iOS 10 update on iPad mini

“I have a copy of iCMTGIS II, recently updated/last week, running iOS version 10.2.1 (14D27) on iPad mini/gen 2. With ‘gps on’ and upon tapping ‘Collect’ to collect data, the app closes and doesn’t allow data to be collected. The app remains open in the background, i.e. doesn’t close out, but upon selecting ‘Collect’ again, it repeats the same issue and will not allow data collection.”

We asked the user, “Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the iCMTGIS II app?”

The user replied, “the un-install/re-install worked. . . . thought of un-installing/re-installing but had never done that with an iOS app since it is a download from the app store, but now I know I can. thanks!”

It is possible that the iCMTGIS II app was still open when the user did the iOS upgrade. Before an iOS upgrade, it’s best to close out all running apps. You can do so by double-clicking the Home button then swiping up the displayed app screens.

How to use the Feature List in iCMTGIS PRO?


“Hello, I have just purchased ICMT GIS Pro, loaded on an IPAD mini, and using an EOS Arrow 200 GPS. I created a feature list and saved it, I can open the feature list in a new job, but if I go to collect data I can’t get the feature list to come up. Is there a step I am missing?”

The following information applies to iGPSGIS II, iCMTGIS II/III/PRO, Utility Data Collection, Farming GPS GIS II/III and Forester GPS GIS II/III.

Please tap on Main Menu then select Job – Open Job.
You will see the Feature List field. Right now it’s probably showing “NONE”.

Tap on the little pull-down arrow for this field. You should see the name of the Feature List that you have created. Select that Feature List then tap on “OK”.

Now, when you use GPS – Collect and tap on “New”, you can tap on the pull-down arrow for the Feature Name field then select from the Features defined in your Feature List.

You can associate any Job with any one of the Feature Lists that you have created.

Quick way to measure acreages using GPS

GPS Data Collection for Area Feature

                                      GPS Data Collection for Area Feature

“I currently have iCMTgisII on my ipad. I am looking for the simplest and quickest way to measure acreages using track points. what is the quickest way to achieve this using that program?”

You can use the GPS/Collect function to record an Area Feature while walking or driving along the perimeter of an area you wish to measure. The standard procedure is to first define a Feature List suitable for your project to facilitate data collection. However, if you just want to quickly map an area, you can use the following steps.

1. Tap on the GPS icon then select “Turn GPS ON“. Wait 5 – 10 minutes for it to stabilize..

2. Select GPS – Collect.

3. Tap on the “Area” tab.

4. Enter the Feature Topic Name, such as “area”. The app automatically assigns “area001” as the first Feature ID.

5. Tap on the Store button in the data collection panel then start walking. By default, one GPS fix will be recorded per second.

6. When you have walked around the area and come back to the starting point, tap the Stop button.

7. If you want to record another area, go to the start point for that area and tap on Store. The app will have assigned area002 as the Feature ID for this second area.

8. When done with the data collection, tap on the Exit button.

9. Back in the Map View, tap the Zoom-Fit icon to see all the areas in the screen. Tap on one of the areas to highlight it. Tap on the Feature Properties icon then tap on the “Length/Area” tab to see the perimeter and area values.

One thing to note is that the GPS on your iPAD is not quite accurate. It is probably fine for measuring very large acreages. For better accuracy (2-5 meters), many of our app users use a compatible external GPS receiver, such as the Dual XGPS-150A or the Bad Elf GPS. GPS receivers that provide sub-meter accuracy, such as the iSXBlue II and the EOS Arrow, have a higher price tag.

What does a .pmp job file include?

The Job file (*.pmp) includes the Feature coordinates, attributes, Shapes, symbols and any labels. When you open a previously saved .pmp file, it will display the same as when you saved the job.

For those of our apps that export to DXF or Shapefiles, the coordinates, attributes and shapes will be exported. The default symbol and line style will be used for the exported data.

Questions about GPS data collection using Forester GPS GIS III

“When locating a point can you dictate how many “pts./ sessions” are
used to create the point? . . . Can you make a dynamic line and make a reading at designated intervals?”

Yes on both counts. Forester GPS GIS III provides professional data collection functionality.

You can occupy a point and record data for a specified time period and let the app compute and store the average position.

For a dynamic line, you can record a GPS fix at designated time or distance intervals.

You can also map static lines and areas by just recording GPS position data at the vertices.

You can even record nested points while mapping a line or area feature.


Which app to get for mapping forested areas?

“Our main objective is to accurately calculate forested areas using a GPS receiver on iPhone and iPad. We will be driving an atv or truck around the individual areas. The areas will range from roughly 20 – 200 acres, and we are looking to be accurate to the one-hundredth of an acre.”

The GPS that comes with the iOS devices is not quite accurate. You could get a Dual XGPS-A or a Bad Elf GPS receiver and use it with our apps on your iOS devices. These Blue-tooth GPS receivers claim 2 – 5 meters horizontal distance accuracy.

We have a few apps that provide the GPS/GIS data collection functionality that you are looking for.

iCMTGIS II is for use on an Apple iPad with wi-fi capability. It is available from the App Store for $94.99 per license.

iGPSGIS II is for use on an Apple iPhone. It is available from the App Store for $44.99 per license.

iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II use the Apple Maps by default. These maps require wi-fi to be active in order to display in the app.

If you also purchase the optional PC-GIS 09 software for use on a PC, then you will be able to load geo-referenced .tif, .jpg, .sid., or .ecw files and convert them to the .pim format for use with iCMTGIS II or iGPSGIS II as background maps.

The feature data recorded with iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II can be loaded into PC-GIS 09 for further map enhancement/processing and print-out. PC-GIS 09 is listed at $385 per license, but we can offer you a discount if you purchase the iCMTGIS II or iGPSGIS II app. PC-GIS 09 is easy to use. Many foresters use it for managing their forest map files. If you don’t already have GIS software for your PC, this will be a good investment.

There is also an iCMTGIS III app that can run on both the iPad and the iPhone devices. It is listed at the App Store for $199.99. This app will let you load a GeoTiff as background map without the need for using PC-GIS to convert the map file. Besides the GPS/GIS data collection functions, this app also provides Stakeout functions that will help guide you to destination points or along the perimeter of an existing area. If you are interested in a GIS software program to use on your PC to work further with the data collected using iCMTGIS III, the matching software is the PC-GIS X (same price as PC-GIS 09).

All of the above-mentioned apps can import and export Shapefiles.

Our Forester GPS/GIS III and Farming GPS/GIS III also provide the GPS data collection and Stakeout functions, but these apps can only run on the iPad device.