How to turn off iPhone Predictive option

“Just got app and can’t use keyboard. Top line missing and real light. Won’t let me select. Does the app work? After just paying $15. Thanks. – Sent from my iPhone.”

We’ve addressed this issue previously, but lately we received a swarm of emails regarding using our iPhone apps with iOS 11.

Please turn off predictive text by touching and holding then tapping Predictive. You can also go to Settings – General – Keyboard – Predictive to turn it off.

If you tell us which app you got, we can send you the Help document in PDF.


PDF copy of the Help document for CMT iOS app

“I purchased the Stakeout app for my iPhone 6s. I believe it is exactly what I need. The help file is very complete and well written, however, it is hard to read and move around in on the small screen of my iPhone. Is it possible to download a pdf copy of this file?”

Yes, a PDF copy of the Help documents for our apps is available. Please email your request to:

Moving Map in iCMTGIS PRO

“I went into setup and change the nav settings to move map, but the map is still north up. Is there something else I have to do?”

Moving map will work only when the Apple Map is closed as the app is unable to rotate the Apple Map. Moving map will work with a Background Map loaded (such as a GeoTiff map file).

Your GPS needs to be moving for the app to know which direction you are going and to adjust the north arrow accordingly. Please go outside and walk briskly to the east (or west), and you should see the north arrow reorient itself.

iCMTGIS III, Forester GPS GIS III and Farming GPS GIS III will also let you work in the “Move Map” mode, in which your motion is always displayed in the “up” orientation on the screen.

How to convert Garmin GPS waypoints for importing to Stakeout iCMT

Garmin can export waypoints in GPX format. Some of our apps, like iCMTGIS III and iCMTGIS PRO, can import and export data in GPX format. These and a number of our other apps, such as Stakeout iCMT, can import Shapefiles.

A software program is required to convert GPX files to Shapefiles. If you have our PC-GIS 9, PC-GIS X, PC-GPS 9 or PC-MAPPER 9 software program, you can import the GPX file then export the data as Shapefiles.

Otherwise, you could do the conversion by using some other software program, such as the one at the following link.

Where is the file saving location on my iPad?

“I recently bought and downloaded the iCMTGIS II to my Ipad mini 2 and can’t seem to find where the files save to or where to import/export to. The iCloud file drive does not seem to work for this program, like other programs.”

The data files are saved in the Documents folder on the iPad unless you have marked the checkboxes under Setup – iCloud. When you have the checkbox marked for a file type, those files will be saved in iCloud storage and can be shared by other users using the same Apple ID.

To use iCloud Drive, after you have logged into iCloud, you may create a new folder and upload files to it.

Please unmark the checkboxes under Setup – iCloud. Then you should be able to see the files by connecting your iPad to your computer via iTunes by looking in the File Sharing section for the iCMTGIS II app.

Can I get the app transferred from my old phone to my new phone?

“Hey. I have You’re app on my old phone. I purchased it from you but now I have a new phone 8+. Is there a way that I can get that app transferred from my old phone to my new phone thank you.”

Our apps are sold via Apple. Please send this question to the Apple App Store.

As far as we know, as long as you use the same Apple ID and your purchased apps are still actively being sold, you can download the purchased apps to your new phone at no charge.

“Thanks. I went to Apple and got it to come up on my new phone.”

Family sharing of iOS apps

“If I were to purchase iCMT GIS III, how many ipads with the same apple id could I put it on with the purchase?

It looks like the limit is 6: