Charges on apps sold via the Apple App Store

“I bought this program and no longer need it and want to remove the future charge to my credit card, can you please respond with the procedure to do this.”

The software license for the Deed Calls & Stakeout app is a one-time purchase. Same with all of our other apps. There should be no future charge to your credit card for this app.

Our iOS apps are sold via the Apple App Store, and we do not deal with sales and payments. If you still have concerns, please contact the App Store.


Will Stakeout iCMT use the external GPS?

“I am using an iPad. Does Stakeout use the gps in the iPad or can it get it directly from the Arrow?”

When an iOS compatible GPS receiver is turned on and connected to the iPad, it will automatically override the built-in GPS to update CoreLocation. When you toggle GPS on in an app like Stakeout iCMT, the app will grab the position data from CoreLocation. In other words, the app uses the Arrow GPS data indirectly.

Of the various CMT apps, only iCMTGIS PRO provides the ability to get the GPS data directly from the Arrow and the iSXBlue GNSS receivers. In the “Enable the External GPS” mode, iCMTGIS PRO will read the NMEA data directly from these GPS receivers.

Drop-down menu for soil textures in Wetland – Stakeout app

“I am attempting to customize parts of a report. In the soil profile table I would like to create a drop down menu for soil textures. I have been able to create the drop down menu. When I go back to “Enter Report Data” and select texture; a dash now appears after all of the textures I entered. I tried changing the text length to the longest texture, and that fixed the issue for just those. The dash still appears in the shorter texts. What’s the best way to format this so that I can have a drop down menu for soil textures?”

The “-” is a separator required for separating the Comment from the Indicator.

If you complete the Comment field and the Indicator field, then the “-” should disappear.

Can a report sheet be edited outside of Wetland – Stakeout?

“Can the report sheets only be edited within the app or can they be exported in a format that can then be edited on a computer?”

The exported PDF reports can be edited by using a PDF editor, such as the Adobe Acrobat.

If you wish to change the report form layout, you can use the Design Report function provided by the app. Please save the report form under a different name before starting to change it. In case something goes wrong, you will still have the original report form intact.

PDF copy of the Help document for CMT iOS app

“I purchased the Stakeout app for my iPhone 6s. I believe it is exactly what I need. The help file is very complete and well written, however, it is hard to read and move around in on the small screen of my iPhone. Is it possible to download a pdf copy of this file?”

Yes, a PDF copy of the Help documents for our apps is available. Please email your request to:

How to increase efficiency in doing multiple Wetland jobs

“Once again, I want to compliment you on the Wetland Stakeout APP. I have been doing this work for 20+ years and have tried many different data form software and yours is by far the slickest. I love the fact that I can personalize it to fit my jobs by adding species lists, soil info, etc. that are associated with my work areas. Lately I have been thinking one nice feature would be a ‘clear/delete vegetation’ and a ‘clear/delete soil’ button. When I do a job I tend to do these steps and I expect most people using the APP do similar:

Fill out a completed form for the region I am in at my first sampling point and save it as Project Name A
Then revise that form for the next sampling points and save each as ‘Project Name B’, ‘Project Name C’, etc.

Doing it like this, I don’t need to clear all of the page 1 introductory information because it is the same project (sampling point, lat/long, soil, etc. revisions are easy to make because they are single line entries). The vegetation and soil sections are tabular with multiple fields. It is time consuming to highlight each field and delete information and I think it would be easier to have an option of clicking a button that simply clears the values in those tables.”

Yes, if you routinely do similar jobs using one of our apps, you could use Job – Save As to save all or part of an existing job to a new job file. As you wish to keep the header information on a report form but not the data entered for the job, what you could do is to save the existing job to the new job files right after entering the header information. Then, within each job, you will just need to change the sampling point coordinates and fill in the wetland delineation data for that sampling point.

Where is the file saving location on my iPad?

“I recently bought and downloaded the iCMTGIS II to my Ipad mini 2 and can’t seem to find where the files save to or where to import/export to. The iCloud file drive does not seem to work for this program, like other programs.”

The data files are saved in the Documents folder on the iPad unless you have marked the checkboxes under Setup – iCloud. When you have the checkbox marked for a file type, those files will be saved in iCloud storage and can be shared by other users using the same Apple ID.

To use iCloud Drive, after you have logged into iCloud, you may create a new folder and upload files to it.

Please unmark the checkboxes under Setup – iCloud. Then you should be able to see the files by connecting your iPad to your computer via iTunes by looking in the File Sharing section for the iCMTGIS II app.