How to tell if an app is using Location Services?

The Location Services is shared by the iOS system and all the installed apps.

To check which apps are using the Location Service, please call up Settings\Privacy\Location Services. On the right side of the list of apps look for an arrow mark.

If an app name has a purple arrow mark on the right side, it is actively using the Location Services.

A gray arrow indicates that an app has used the Location Services within the last 24 hours.

iCMTGIS II closes after iOS 10 update on iPad mini

“I have a copy of iCMTGIS II, recently updated/last week, running iOS version 10.2.1 (14D27) on iPad mini/gen 2. With ‘gps on’ and upon tapping ‘Collect’ to collect data, the app closes and doesn’t allow data to be collected. The app remains open in the background, i.e. doesn’t close out, but upon selecting ‘Collect’ again, it repeats the same issue and will not allow data collection.”

We asked the user, “Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the iCMTGIS II app?”

The user replied, “the un-install/re-install worked. . . . thought of un-installing/re-installing but had never done that with an iOS app since it is a download from the app store, but now I know I can. thanks!”

It is possible that the iCMTGIS II app was still open when the user did the iOS upgrade. Before an iOS upgrade, it’s best to close out all running apps. You can do so by double-clicking the Home button then swiping up the displayed app screens.

If I purchase iCMTGIS PRO for my iPhone, can I also install it on my iPad?

Some of our apps were designed specifically for the iPhone or specifically for the iPad, but iCMTGIS III and iCMTGIS PRO were designed for use on both the iPhone and the iPad devices.

You can install your purchase of this app on your iPhone and iPad devices as long as your devices use the same Apple ID.

A related question:

“If I get a new iPhone in the future, will I be able to re-download and install iCMTGIS Pro on my new device without having to purchase it again?”

Once you have purchased the iCMTGIS PRO app, you can install it in any new iPad or iPhone device that you purchase as long as the devices use the same Apple ID.

Please note that our iOS apps are sold via the Apple App Store, and all purchases and installations are governed by Apple.


Will I lose any job data when I uninstall an app?

Yes. When you uninstall an app, all the job data files will be lost.

Please use iTunes to copy the data files (including the configuration file with the file name extension “.cfg”) to your PC before uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Then copy these files back to the documents folder of the app after reinstalling it.

How to exit the app on my iPad?

When you press the Home button on the iPad one time, the app goes to the background, and you can work with other apps displayed on the Home screen.

To exit any app on your iPad, double-click the Home button, then swipe the screen for the app upward. When the screen vanishes, that app is closed.

May I install my iGPSGIS II app on my new iPad?

Although iGPSGIS II was designed for the iPhone device, you could run it on an iPad device. However, the screens are fixed in portrait mode.

If you use the same Apple ID on both of your devices, you can install the app you purchased on both devices.

GPS marker goes to (0,0) after updating app

“After we upgraded our iCMTGIS III to its latest version, v1.1.3, we had two funny behaviors:
1) Two of our staff can’t get GPS right (pointing roughly to 0,0) – other apps on iPad give correct locations; I couldn’t find which setting affected it. So remove the app and re-installed, and the GPS location read right.
2) Google Apple Standard Map slowly refreshed or doesn’t show at all (but satellite image is fine).”

1) We checked into this issue and saw the problem on one iPad after we updated it from iOS 8 to iOS 9.2.1 yesterday. (It worked fine before the iOS update.) Somehow the Datum and Epoch fields under Setup – Coordinates were blanked out. After we selected the GS84(1150)/ITRF00 datum and entered 01/01/2015, the GPS marker was displayed in the correct location. Our app does not let the user blank out the Datum field. It saves this information with each Job. A new job created defaults to the WGS84(1150)/ITRF00 datum. We updated another iPad to iOS 9 yesterday but did not see this issue afterwards. It is possible that the problem occurred in the other iPad because we forgot to close the app before doing the iOS update. Therefore, to avoid strange problems, it is advisable to close the app before downloading a software update or an iOS update.

2) We have occasionally seen the Apple Map refresh slowly or not show in the “Show standard” mode. We think it is caused by the Apple map server network. Switching to Show Satellite then back to Show Standard usually resolves the problem.